Buckeye Association of School Administrators

Adopted as amended June 17, 1953; June 20, 1963; and revised December 17, 1968. Revised June 26, 1970; June 24, 1971; June 22, 1973; October 1974; October 1981; June 1991; October 2000; March 2001; January 2007; October 2007

Article I – Name

The organization shall be known as the Buckeye Association of School Administrators.

Article II – Purpose

The purpose of this Association shall be to provide strong professional administrative team leadership in securing optimum educational opportunities for children and youth; to advance the interest of education in Ohio and in the nation; and to enhance the effectiveness of all members of this association by providing for their professional growth, promoting their welfare and enforcing the codes of ethics as prescribed by BASA and AASA.

Article III – Affiliations

Section 1. This organization shall provide opportunity for professional relationships and cooperative action with other organizations representing educational leadership groups in the state and nation.

Section 2. This organization shall participate with other educationally oriented groups in organizing and developing programs of importance to education in Ohio and the nation.

Article IV – Membership

Section 1. The active membership of this organization shall be open to those persons who serve as the chief administrative officers in the school systems in Ohio, heads of administrative divisions and sections in the central office of school systems of Ohio, heads of administrative divisions and departments of the State Department of Education and administrative officers and professors of educational administration in the colleges and universities of Ohio, and such other persons as determined by the Executive Committee.

Section 2. All certified persons who are actively engaged in any phase of school work in Ohio may become associate members of BASA and shall be entitled to all the privileges of this Association, except the right to vote and hold office. Persons eligible for active membership cannot become associate members, except for professors of educational administration, who may exercise the option of becoming an active or associate member. Associate members shall also include active chief administrators and department heads in other school associated organizations.

Section 3. All former members of BASA who have retired in good standing may become retired members of BASA and shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of this Association, except the right to vote and hold office.

Section 4. Affiliate membership is open to all former active members now employed at a university or with a business working with educators. Affiliate members receive BASA mailings and continued status in the Return of Dues Program, as well as benefits afforded all categories except the right to vote and hold office.

Section 5. Partnership (membership) shall be extended to manufacturers and distributors of school materials, supplies and equipment; to architects; to attorneys; and to publishers of school texts and their representatives. Each partnership member shall designate one official organization representative who shall be the official representative of that organization. Rights of membership shall be determined through negotiation and by level of membership. There are three categories of membership; Premier, Gold and Bronze.

Section 6. Institutional membership shall be extended to colleges, universities, Ohio boards of education, and other organizations directly related to education. Each institutional member shall designate official representatives for the institution. Said representatives shall be extended all the rights and privileges of individual members, except the right to hold an elective office.

Section 7. The Executive Committee shall determine answers to questions of eligibility for membership.

Section 8. BASA membership shall be continuous unless terminated by a member. Payment of annual dues is a requirement for membership.

Article V – Dues

Section 1. Annual dues for active members of the Association shall be established by the Bylaws of this Association, subject to the approval of such Bylaws by the Executive Committee and the active membership.

Section 2. Annual dues for association members, retired members, graduate student members, school service members, and institutional members of the Association shall be determined by the Bylaws of this Association, subject to the approval of such Bylaws by the Executive Committee and the active membership.

Active VI – Officers and Their Duties

Section 1. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the elected officers (President, President-elect, and the most recent Past President available to serve) and the ten regional directors, the one appointed member, and one representative from each division of BASA.

Section 2. The Executive Director of this organization shall be appointed by the BASA Executive Committee to serve as a full-time employee of this Association. The Executive Director shall also serve as Treasurer. The Executive Committee shall determine the conditions of employment.

Section 3. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee, and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, which may be appointed for special service. In case of a tie vote in the Executive Committee, the President shall cast the deciding ballot.

Section 4. In the absence of the President, or in case of his inability to serve, the President-elect shall assume his duties.

Section 5.

a. The Executive Director shall keep a record of the proceedings of each meeting of the Association and of the Executive Committee.

b. He shall extend invitations to new members and attend to the general correspondence of the Association.

c. He shall receive all moneys belonging to the Association, shall disburse the same when properly authorized, shall keep an itemized account of receipts and expenditures and shall make a yearly written report of the same. These written reports shall be filed in the permanent records of the Association.

d. He shall perform such other duties and tasks as directed by the Executive Committee.

e. He shall direct and coordinate the efforts of such other employees of the Association, who the Executive Committee may employ.

f. As the chief executive officer of BASA, the Executive Director shall be charged with the task of Association leadership in matters relating to the purpose of this Association. He shall recommend to the Executive Committee on all matters of Association policy or position.

Section 6.

a. The President shall serve for one year.

b. The President-elect shall serve for one year, after which he/she shall become President.

c. The Regional Directors of the Executive Committee shall serve for a term of three years and shall not succeed themselves.

d. The incoming president of BASA shall nominate one member of the association to become a member of the Executive Committee. The nomination shall be made in June preceding the August of the year the incoming president takes office. The nomination shall be submitted to the Executive Committee for confirmation. The nominated and confirmed member of the Executive Committee shall serve a term of one year.

e. The Executive Director shall serve as the chief executive officer of the Executive Committee.

f. The Regional Directors to the Executive Committee shall be elected from the membership-at-large in their respective regions. A vacancy shall be declared when the elected Regional director no longer holds a position in that region.

g. A majority of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Committee, provided that at least one elected officer is present.

h. The representatives of the divisions of BASA will serve for a period of three years and shall not succeed themselves. In the first year the representative will choose staggered terms and those serving less than three (3) years may succeed themselves.

i. An individual employed in the capacity of a Central Office Administrator who is a member of BASA in good standing shall be appointed to the BASA Executive Committee for a three(3) year term commencing the 2007-2008 year. The representative shall be nominated by the BASA Central Office Committee and submitted to the BASA Officers for confirmation of the appointment. No individual may serve successive terms.

Article VII – Department or Subdivisions of BASA

The Executive Committee may establish criteria by which regional, area, or special interest groups of school administrators may affiliate with BASA as departments or subdivisions of the organization.

Article VIII – Meetings

Section 1. An annual meeting will be called during the Fall Conference.

Section 2. Special meetings of the general membership may be called by the President and must be called by him upon request of the Executive Committee or upon a written request signed by 25 active members.

Section 3. A quorum for the transaction of business at a regular or special meeting of the Association shall be a minimum of 60 active member of the Association.

Article IX – Vacancies

Section 1. A vacancy occurring in the office of President shall be filled by the President-elect. A vacancy occurring in the office of President-elect shall be filled at the next regular election and may be filled at a special election as determined by the Executive Committee. A vacancy occurring in the position of Regional Director shall be filled within 60 calendar days by special election in that region.

Section 2. The Executive Committee shall declare a vacancy if a member of the Executive Committee misses three consecutive meetings or more than four meetings per year, unless excused by the Executive Committee.

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