Jun 21

Employee Discipline Module 1-3

Making the OH Professional Licensure Code of Ethics Work in your District!
Learn to Lead your Employees to Success During this Leadership Staff Development Event for Principals, Supervisors, HR Directors, and Superintendents.

Wednesday, June 21: Setting Employee Behavioral Expectations
For Principals and Supervisors, this workshop provides video-based re-enactments of actual cases that model how to better manage behavioral expectations using informal and formal actions.
For HR Directors, this workshop introduces a rubric-based method for (1) evaluating aggravating and mitigating circumstances during investigations and (2) selecting responses that are fair, reasonable, and consistent across the school district.
For Superintendents, this workshop explores methods for modifying employee misconduct and underscoring expected behaviors in the district.

Thursday, June 22: Reinforcing Employee Behavioral Expectations
For Principals and Supervisors, this workshop explores how an employee code of conduct inspires school leaders to justify their reasons for modifying employee behavior.
For HR Directors, this workshop details (1) the framework for the code, (2) the procedures that need to be in the code for supervisors to properly handle conduct and/or productivity concerns, and (3) how to implement the code.
For Superintendents, this workshop blueprints the design of searchable code-related administrative guidelines using federal law, state statutes, board policies, and master agreements.

Friday, June 23: Upholding Employee Behavioral Expectations
For Principals and Supervisors, this workshop provides specific steps for using progressive discipline proactively, effectively, and defensively.
For HR Directors, this workshop explores how to (1) create clear disciplinary procedures, (2) structure documentation examples for disciplinary actions, and (3) compile and evaluate disciplinary data to reduce the potential for bias in the disciplinary process.
For Superintendents, this workshop explains how having your team practice the principles of uniformity, knowing your role, solid documentation, the docket, timeliness, and mutual respect can reduce risk before, during, and after disciplinary actions.

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