Jan 29

Employee Discipline, Module #2 – Virtual

Reinforcing Behavioral Expectations (ONLINE)

For Principals and Supervisors: This session demonstrates how an Employee Code of Conduct inspires school leaders to modify employee behavior.
For HR Directors: This session details: (1) the framework for such a code; (2) the procedures that need to be included for principals and supervisors; and (3) how to implement such a code.
For Superintendents: This session explores criteria for implementing such a code using state law, board policies, and master agreements.

• Introduction to Session 1
• Considerations for Structuring an Employee Code
• Lack of Professional Competence as Grounds for Employee Discipline
• Differentiating Board Policy Violations from Other forms of Employee Misconduct
• Dishonesty, Records Falsification or Failure to Accurately Provide Requested Information
• Insubordination and Related Non-Compliance
• Attendance, Leave or Contract Day Policy Violations

• Introduction to Session 2
• Examples of Employee Misconduct with Potential Criminal Consequences
• Examples of Employee Misconduct with Potential Civil Consequences
• Addressing Potential Gaps in the Code of Employee Conduct
• The Role of Federal and State Statutes in the Employee Code
• The Role of Negotiated Agreements in the Employee Code
• Workshop Experience Survey

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