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Anticipated Assistant Principal – Zanesville City Schools



Leadership – Curriculum and Instruction

Completes all specific duties assigned by the building principal.

Assists the principal with:

The development of school goals and objectives.

The general administration of the school, and serves as principal when designated, when the principal is absent.

Creating efficient and effective data foundations e.g., test interpretation, for evaluating student progress toward stated educational objectives.

The district office in obtaining and maintaining the educational equipment needed for the building.

Effective on-going communications with the superintendent and district office personnel regarding school activities, problems, and instructional matters.

Preparing and/or presenting reports or materials as requested by the district office, Board of Education, Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center or the State Department of Education.


Administration Organization


Direct textbook and supplies requisition, distribution and inventory.

Supervises school activities both during the school day and those that extend beyond the school day to provide leadership and demonstrate interest of school goals and objectives.

Oversees procedures for the use of school facilities by community groups and employees.

Issues and assumes responsibility for all the control of all keys.

Assist the principal with:

The development and operation of the educational program in the building.

All staff and personnel assigned to the building.

All students assigned to the building and the corresponding student services.

The financial operations of the building.

Recommending and assigning personnel, in conjunction with district office personnel.

The security and safety requirements of all building and grounds.

The proper maintenance of the building, in conjunction with the maintenance and custodial supervisors and staff.

The district office in planning of new, or renovation of existing, facilities to meet the needs of the educational program.

Promoting positive public relations by helping to:

Establish and demonstrate excellent community relations to further the community’s understanding and support of the educational program.

Encourage student and staff pride in the facilities and encouraging them to assist on an on-going basis in the care of it.

Prepare news releases to the media for informational items.

Recognize student and staff achievements through appropriate media releases.

Publish a building newsletter to parents as prescribed in Board of Education policy and procedures.

Maintain a building wide calendar of events to ensure proper scheduling of activities.

Assist in working with civil authorities.

Prepare, revise, edit and distribute teachers and student handbooks on a yearly basis as necessary.

The interpretation of school and district programs, policies, and procedures to students, parents, staff and community members.

Staff and community members.

Encourage student leadership in activities such as class government and student council.

Administering the extracurricular programs of the school in conjunction with the Assistant athletic Supervisor, and responding to student initiated requests for specific new extracurricular clubs, activities and programs.

Abides by all district policies, procedures and regulations, and enforces them with students and staff.


Pupil Services

Supervises conduct with the school, and assists with all disciplinary procedures.

Supervises the reporting and monitoring of student attendance, and conducts investigative follow-up actions when necessary.

Assist the principal with:

Orientation of all students and parents.

Promoting and demonstrating concern and caring for student welfare by:

Successfully communicating with all students.

Encouraging student responsibility and leadership.

Being available to discuss problems, concerns, and reasonable requests.

Helping student to understand that the image of their schools is important and that the image of the school has direct bearing on the community.

Planning programs and assemblies that will be both educational and entertaining to student.

Utilizing and supporting the staff in their effective use of understanding of a data processing system for scheduling, grading and attendance.

Establishing and maintaining a system for the proper maintenance of all student records.

Creating an open door policy for students to discuss problems, concerns, and make reasonable requests.

Personnel Services

Assist the principal with:

Making recommendations to the district office regarding the contractual status of personnel under his/her direct supervision.

Keeping and maintaining appropriate personnel files for individuals assigned to the building.

Providing an orientation for new staff members.

Developing the building master schedule.

Assigning supervisory duties, e.g., lunchroom, hallway, as needed.

Conducting regularly scheduled staff meetings.

Involving the teaching staff in the decision-making process, when appropriate.

Counseling teachers on their individual and group performance according to the adopted evaluation policy and procedures.

Cooperating with local and state agencies to provide appropriate staff development programs.

Providing leadership for the overall morale of the staff.

Obtaining substitute teachers as needed and manages the use of AESOP for substitute placement purposes.

Evaluating teachers according to the adopted local and state evaluation policies and procedures and conducting classroom observations and observing teachers in classes and in their daily routines as required and/or mandates.



Keeps abreast of trends, research, and developments in the profession by attending professional meetings, reading professional journals, and other publications, and discussing problems of mutual interest with others in the field.

Employs parents and community members in the educational process and creates an environment where the community resources support student learning, achievement and well-being.

Attends co-curricular and extracurricular events.

Perform the duties of principal when the principal is out of the facility.

Is responsible for other duties as assigned by building principal.




Experience Required:

Valid Ohio state certificate/license as principal preferred.

Successful teaching experience at the appropriate grade levels preferred.

Any additional qualifications, training or other credentials, as determined by the Board of Education.


Wage or Salary:

Approximate Work Hours or Days: 202 days


How to Apply:


Posting End Date: 2022-07-27

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