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Assistant Elementary Principal – Marion City Schools



Has responsibility for the effective operation of the school.  The assistant elementary school principal serves to support instructional leadership for the building.  Expected to work in concert with the principal to create a shared vision and clear goals for their school and maintain a positive climate; employ effective decision-making skills; assist in implementing new and challenging initiatives that contribute to high levels of student learning and achievement; assist with the development of faculty and engage in varied two-way communications with the principal, students, parents and community.


Elements of Each Standard – Ohio Standards for Principals

  1. Continuous Improvement: Principals help create a shared vision and goals for their schools and ensure continuous progress toward achieving the goals.
  • Facilitate the articulate and realization of a shared vision of continuous improvement
  • Assist with the process of setting, monitoring and achieving specific and challenging goals that reflect high expectations for all students and staff.
  • Assist with the change process for continuous improvement.
  • Anticipate, monitor and respond to educational developments that affect school issues and the environment.
  1. Instruction: Principals support the implementation of high quality standards-based instruction that results in high levels of achievement for all students.
  • Ensure that the instructional content that is taught is aligned with the Ohio Learning Standards and curriculum priorities in the school and district.
  • Ensure instructional practices are effective and meet the needs of all students.
  • Advocate for high levels of learning for all students, identified as gifted, students with disabilities and at-risk students.
  • Know, understand and share relevant research.
  • Understand, encourage and facilitate the effective use of data by staff.
  • Support staff in planning and implementing research-based professional development.
  • Guide, monitor and evaluate the performance of all school personnel to ensure high levels of effective practice.
  1. Resources and School Operations: Principals allocate resources and manage school operations in order to ensure a safe and productive learning environment.
  • Establish and maintain a safe school environment
  • Create a nurturing learning environment that addresses the physical and mental health needs of all.
  • Allocate resources, including technology, to support student and staff learning.
  • Institute procedures and practices to support staff and students and establish an environment that is conducive to learning.
  • Understand, uphold and model professional ethics, policies, and legal codes of professional conduct.
  • Assist in selection, placement, and performance of staff including making contract recommendations when appropriate.
  1. Collaboration: Principals establish and sustain collaborative learning and shared leadership to promote learning and achievement of all students.
  • Promote a collaborative learning environment.
  • Share leadership with staff, students, parents and community members.
  • Develop and sustain leadership.
  1. Parents and Community Engagement:
  • Use community resources to improvement student learning.
  • Involve parents and community members in improving student learning.
  • Connect to school and community.
  • Establish for the use of culturally responsive practices that acknowledge and value diversity.
  • Implement effective practices to communicate and collaborate with staff, families and community.


Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Assists the principal in the overall administration of the school.
  2. Serves as a principal in the absence of the regular principal.
  3. Assists with the preparation of student schedules.
  4. Assists with requisitions supplies, textbooks, and equipment; conducts inventories; maintains records; and checks on receipts for such materials.
  5. Assists in safety inspections and safety drill practice activities.
  6. Assists with responsibility for coordinating transportation, custodial, cafeteria, and other support services.
  7. Assists with the reporting and monitoring of student attendance, and works with the attendance supervisor for investigative follow-up actions.
  8. Assists in maintaining discipline throughout the student body, and deals with special cases as necessary.
  9. Serves with parent, faculty, and student groups as requested in advancing educational and related activities and objectives.
  10. Assists with the student PBIS and discipline.
  11. Performs such record-keeping functions as the principal may direct.
  12. Supervises teachers and departments as assigned by the principal.
  13. Performs such other tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as the principal may from time to time assign.
  14. Evaluation of staff including certified and classified.
  15. Shared building responsibilities


Professional and Personal Development:

  1. Ensure the safety of students.
  2. Ability to work effectively with others.
  3. Exhibit professional behavior, emotional stability and sound judgement.
  4. Establish and maintain cooperative relationships.
  5. Interacts in a positive manner with staff, students and parents.
  6. Maintain appropriate licenses/endorsements and training hours as required.
  7. Adhere to all standards established by the Ohio Department of Education for Licensed Educators.
  8. Maintain good attendance and punctuality.
  9. Ability to work in a team environment.
  10. Refer suspected cases of child abuse immediately to the appropriate child protective services/law enforcement agency as mandated by state law and Board of Education policy.
  11. Promote good public relations by personal appearance, attitude and conversation.



  • Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the Ohio Principal Evaluation System.

*This job description identifies primary responsibilities and is not intended to be a complete list of all tasks and activities. This job description is subject to change in response to student demographics, staffing factors, funding variables, modified operating procedures, program/curriculum changes as directed by the Superintendent of Marion City Schools.


MARION CITY SCHOOLS IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER It is the policy of the Marion City Schools Board of Education that the best-qualified applicant shall be selected for each position without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, political affiliation, disabling or military status. No person shall be denied employment solely because of any impairment which is unrelated to the ability to participate in activities involved in the position or program for which application has been made.


Experience Required:


The assistant principal shall have a valid license and have completed the required evaluator training (OTES/OPES) for the position of principal. The assistant principal must be of good character and integrity. The assistant principal shall have the experience and skills to work effectively with the staff, district leadership team, students, parents, and community.


  1. A master’s degree or higher, with a major in educational administration.
  2. A valid state certificate to serve as a school principal.
  3. Experience in public school administration and supervision.
  4. Successful experience as a classroom teacher.
  5. Such alternates to the above qualifications as the Board of Education may find appropriate and acceptable.


Wage or Salary: Commensurate with experience Approximate Work Hours or Days: 209 days


How to Apply:

How to Apply: External

If you are interested in being considered for this position, you must apply online at prior to 4:00 p.m. on Friday, May 13, 2022.  Follow links:  District/Work at Marion City/Apply at Marion City Schools/Apply Now for External Teaching and Administrative Positions/Administration/Select Position -Job #16878/Apply/login to existing account if you have one.  If no account you will be asked to create an account.  If you have any questions please contact Jen Lawson, Assistant Superintendent, via email or call 740-224-4401.


Posting End Date: 2022-05-13

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