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Assistant Principal at the High School – North Ridgeville City Schools

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Perform all responsibilities and fulfill all policies of the North Ridgeville Board of Education

Manage a variety of school administrative functions (e.g. student disciplinary policy, attendance policy, school schedule, assigned personnel, etc.) for the purpose of enforcing school, district and state policy and maintaining safety and efficiency of school operations.

Serve as an instructional leader

Collaborates with building principal and other administrators to coordinate a school wide PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support) program

Collaborates with the Athletic Director to coordinate and oversee student activities as appropriate

Collaborate with central office personnel and the building principal to provide support and supervision to new and pre-service teachers, including coordinating field study placement, student teaching assignments, and Resident Educator activities for new teachers

Provide instructional assistance and professional growth opportunities to teachers through the OTES (Ohio Teacher Evaluation System) evaluation process

Provide professional development in coordination with the Department of Curriculum and Instruction and the building principal

Provide school counselors with assistance and professional growth through the OSCES (Ohio School Counselor Evaluation System) process of evaluation

Collaborate with the building principal, Department of Curriculum and Instruction and others as appropriate to maintain current courses of study and curriculum maps

Work with the building principal, school counselors and the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, to plan for and implement mandated statewide testing requirements and district progress monitoring and benchmarking

Work with the building principal and central office administration to maintain appropriate staffing levels that are both educationally appropriate and fiscally responsible

Responsible for collaborating with the building principal and other administrators in creating the master schedule

Serve as the district representative in special education and 504 meetings as needed

Work with data management and school counselors to fulfill the mandated requirements of College Credit Plus (eg., track enrollment, act as college representative liaison, monitor application process and conduct community engagement through the annual CCP night required by law), graduation seals, graduation requirements, career technical education, and student testing requirements.

All other duties as assigned by Superintendent or designee


Acknowledges personal accountability for decisions and conduct

Averts problem situations through proactive leadership, communication and management skills and effectively intervenes to resolve conflicts when they do occur

Effectively uses listening, observing, reading, verbal, nonverbal and writing skills

Engenders staff enthusiasm and teamwork. Promotes a positive work/learning environment

Interprets information accurately and initiates effective responses to identified weakness or to celebrate and replicate successes

Maintains an acceptable attendance record and is punctual

Organizes tasks and manages time effectively. Meets deadlines despite time constraints

Skillfully manages individual, group and organizational interactions


Supervises and evaluates assigned staff.  Manages and supervises students at assigned school activities.  Assumes responsibility for the performance and results of duties delegated to his/her position.


To promote safety, employees are expected to exercise caution and comply with safety regulations and district policies/procedures when involved in the following situations/conditions:

Exposure to adverse weather conditions and seasonal temperature extremes

Exposure to blood-borne pathogens and communicable diseases

Operating and/or riding in a vehicle

Traveling to meeting and work assignments


Job performance is evaluated according to policy provisions and contractual agreements adopted by the North Ridgeville City School District Board of Education.

The North Ridgeville City School District Board of Education is an equal opportunity employer.  This job description identified general responsibilities and is not intended to be a complete list of all duties performed.  This document is subject to change in response to student demographics, staffing factors, funding variables, modified operating procedures, and other unforeseen event.


Experience Required

Valid and current Ohio Principal’s License

Meets all mandated health requirements (e.g., a tuberculosis test, etc.)

A record free of criminal violations that prohibit public school employment

Complies with drug-free workplace rules and board policies

Ability to identify, evaluate and implement program options, auxiliary services, and curricular materials that support the diverse learning needs of students

Keep current with technology and other workplace innovations that support job functions

Successful teaching and/or administrative experience

Effective organizational, planning, and project management skills

OTES and OSCES Certification for staff evaluation


Wage or Salary
$71,750 – $100,250


Approximate Work Hours or Days
210 work days at 8 hours per day


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