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Assistant Superintendent – North Ridgeville City Schools


Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

The following are typical work responsibilities.  A reasonable accommodation may be made to enable a qualified individual with a disability to perform essential functions.

Supervises/evaluates administrative positions as assigned by the Superintendent Chairs/co-chairs internal and external committees Negotiates/bargains contracts and maintains positive union relationships, including oversight of and participation in Labor Management Forums Approves all professional development requests Works collaboratively with the administrative team to coordinate all professional development Directs district-wide human resource activities that include labor/employee relations, recruiting, selection, classification, compensation, benefits, training, organizational development, personnel records, regulatory compliance, and employee services.

Participates as an active member of the management team.  Upholds board policies and follows administrative guidelines/procedures. Promotes a professional image of the school district.

Supervises and evaluates the Human Resource Specialists and the human resource office staff.

Maintains open and effective communications.  Promotes the district’s mission, philosophy, and vision.  Serves as an information resource.  Keeps stakeholders informed about emerging issues in Human Resources.

Monitors community demographics, resources, and emerging trends.  Interprets census data, student enrollment growth, and emerging personnel needs.  Helps mobilize the community to maintain a strong commitment of support for the school district.

Monitors labor/employment laws, rules, and regulations. Recommends administrative procedures that facilitate compliance with legal mandates.

Administers the board-approved budget for assigned areas of responsibility.  Approves the purchase of supplies and equipment.  Ensures that program resources are equitably apportioned.

Develops new and updates existing job descriptions.

Directs the posting of open positions.  Recruits candidates.  Conducts interviews and background investigations.

Makes recommendations to the Superintendent for employment of all certified, classified and administrative personnel.

Ensures that employees are placed on the correct salary schedule.

Plans and implements the district’s new employee orientation program.

Oversees the process of assigning substitutes where needed.

Collaborates with Director of Curriculum to coordinate placement of student teachers.

Participates in negotiations with bargaining units to formulate salary schedules, benefits, and terms/conditions of employment and provides leadership for adherence to negotiated contracts.

Ensures the maintenance and safe keeping of certified and non-certified personnel files.

Administers continuing contracts, demotions, transfers, non-renewals and termination processes.

Ensures that all employment contracts are completed accurately and in a timely fashion as required by state law and district policies and procedures.

Provides assistance to other administrators in evaluating personnel for the purpose of retention, contract status, probation and dismissal.

Meets regularly with the President of each bargaining unit for the purpose of problem solving and information sharing.

Participates in hearing/grievance processes as per the negotiated agreements.

Works with the Central Office Team in matters relating to extra duty pay and extended service contracts.

Supports and implements technology and other workplace innovations and efficiencies that support job functions.

Recommends approval for leaves for staff, as provided in Board Policy or negotiated agreements.

Serves as District ADA, 504, NCLB, Title IX, EEOC and harassment officer in matters concerning staff.

Represents the District as liaison with the Ohio Department of Education/Division of Teaching, the Cleveland Area Minority Education Recruitment Association, the Lorain County Alliance of Black School Educators, and the Northeast Ohio Association of School Personnel Administrators.

Promotes professionalism. Helps implement state mandated and locally developed personnel appraisal standards. Assists with the planning and delivery of effective staff development programs that improve employee knowledge, skill, and work performance.

Serves as member of LPDC, Salary Adjustment for Academic Growth Committees and other committees as per the negotiated agreements.

Provides a process for issuance and renewal of state certificates and/or licenses.

Creates and maintains data, and completes reports requested and/or required.  Manages the accurate and timely completion of reports, records, and inventories.

Oversees and provides leadership for curriculum instruction, pupil services and building principals Analyzes staff and building needs and cooperates in development of recommendations for staffing Responds to parent and community requests and/or complaints Regularly coordinates with Cabinet members relative to District initiatives and accountability standards Coordinates yearly District calendar recommendation Respects personal privacy.  Maintains the confidentiality of privileged information.

Encourages parent organizations and supports school-sponsored activities.

Pursues growth opportunities that enhance professional performance and advance District goals Strives to develop rapport and serves as a positive role model for others Reports suspected child abuse and/or neglect to civil authorities as required by law.

Maintains a professional appearance.  Wears work attire appropriate for the position.

Assumes all administrative responsibilities as assigned by the Superintendent


Experience Required:


  • Valid state department of education appropriate license/certificate. Academic preparation and work experience in educational administration, curriculum and instruction, and school finance.
  • Meets all mandated health requirements.
  • A record free of criminal violations that would prohibit public school employment.
  • Complies with drug-free workplace rules and Board policies.
  • The employee shall remain free of any alcohol or nonprescribed controlled substance in the workplace throughout his/her employment in the District.
  • Keeps current with technology and other workplace innovations that support job functions.
  • Successful teaching and administrative experience.
  • Effective organizational planning, project management skills, and problem solving skills.


Wage or Salary:

Approximate Work Hours or Days: 260-day contract, 8 hours per day


How to Apply:


Please follow the link above to apply and also send your resume and cover letter to Roxann Caserio, Superintendent at


Posting End Date: 2021-05-07

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