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Athletic Director, Taft High School – Activities Beyond the Classroom

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Activities Beyond the Classroom


635 W Seventh Street
Suite 301
Cincinnati, OH


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Position Type
High School Athletic Director


Start Date



● Provide direction, support and accountability to help students, coaches and parents benefit from the experience of participating in sports activities and clubs at Taft High School
● Coordinate all athletic functions such as booster club meetings, athletic banquets and other athletic meetings
● Coordinate the purchase, reconditioning and storage of athletic equipment
● Prepare and manage the annual athletics budget
● Serve as director of special events and promotions for the athletic department, and serve as public relations liaison for all routine news media requests related to athletics
● Submit work orders for necessary facility repairs or routine maintenance
● Perform other related duties as needed

● Work closely with the ABC Executive Director, ABC Senior Manager of Athletics, the school principal and administration, and the District Athletics Manager for Cincinnati Public Schools to develop cohesive plans that meet the needs of all partners
● Collaborate with the athletic trainers and team doctors and oversee the Sports Medicine partnership
● Communicate with the Principal, ABC Executive Director, ABC Senior Manager of Athletics and CPS designee all security calls, behavioral referrals, altercations, or other situations that arise at athletic practices or competitions
● As a part of the ABC team, participate in all-staff meetings and events
● Collaborate with ABC staff members to ensure organizational alignment across programs

● Oversee all areas of District, OHSAA, and NFHS compliance for athletics, including, but not limited to, athletic eligibility, legal liabilities, and sports physicals requirements
● Submit athletic eligibility reports to the OHSAA as required pre and post season
● Schedule and conduct pre-season meetings for all sports as required by the OHSAA
● With the AAA Pathway coach, monitor the academic performance of students
● Ensure that coaches understand the importance and value of AAA Pathway and academic interventions, and ensure that students are participating in AAA Pathway study tables and events
● Management and oversight of microbus usage at the school level
● Attend all athletic competitions, or work with the principals to assign a proxy to attend on your behalf
● Coordinate all schedules with the principals/facilities staff and athletic colleagues
● Maintain and execute fiduciary duties in compliance with the district’s fundraising, ticketing, and rental revenue procedures
● Ensure that each team has adequate practice facilities and that facilities are in top form for contests and tournaments; coordinate the preparation of facilities for all home contests and events; supervise or direct cleanup after contests
● Confirm the necessary equipment, transportation, and security is in place for each competition
● Provide booking agents with a complete schedule prior to the season
● Assign and supervise all gatekeepers and workers for all athletic contests; arrange for payment of all game workers
● Arrange ticketing protocols for gatekeepers
● Coordinate with the principals any postponement of contests because of weather or other factors

Oversee coaching staff
● Manage the hiring, training, onboarding, performance, and compensation of all coaches
● Ensure all coaches are aware of District, OHSAA, and NFHS rules applicable to their sport and the expectations of coaches.
● Coordinate the attendance of coaches at coaches’ clinics and workshops


Experience Required
● Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate discipline and a demonstrated record of success spanning 5+ years in the Athletics field at either the high school or college level is preferred
● Ability to multitask, work under pressure, problem solve, and communicate effectively
● Clear understanding of the school’s values and traditions, be a strong and articulate advocate for students and coaches, and work effectively with teachers, parents, and alumni
● Commitment to diversity, high expectations for student conduct inside and outside of competition, and a genuine warmth of personality are essential
● Exceptional organizational and project management skills with strong attention to detail
● Ability to communicate effectively, clearly, and concisely both orally and in writing
● Solid track record of building rapport and maintaining professional relationships with vendors and colleagues
● Sound judgment and discretion in handling and securing confidential information, as well as the ability to conduct oneself in a highly professional manner
● Results driven, intellectually curious, action-oriented leadership style that thrives in a mission-focused environment
● Ability to use judgment and manage through ambiguity
● Commitment to teamwork and collaboration
● Commitment to the core values of ABC and CPS


Approximate Work Hours or Days
Hours of work: 40+ hours / week


How to Apply
Application Due Date: Friday, April 19, 2024

Submit: Cover letter, resume and three letters of reference to:

Questions: Email Sophia Scott, Director of Operations at hr@abccincy.or


Posting End Date

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