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Chief Academic Officer – Grandview Heights Schools


Essential Job Functions

Organizational Leadership

  • Champion of best practices relative to student learning and organizational leadership that focuses on 21st century learning skills, district attributes, design challenges, authentic project based learning, effective model of blended learning and instruction and formative assessment, and grading practices.
  • Champion of personalizing and maximizing learning for every student.
  • Collaborate with the District Cabinet to set a strategic vision.
  • Lead and facilitate district committees and meetings, including principal meetings, wellness committee, and 21st Century Team.
  • Create and present to the Board of Education regarding academic achievements.
  • Collaborate on and send district communications, newsletters, and bulletins.
  • Serve as a catalyst for change by inspiring and influencing others in order to support continued improvement and better outcomes for students.
  • Actively seek solutions and ways to establish new processes in order to make a positive impact on student growth and achievement.
  • Uphold and champion policies related to diversity and inclusion.


Curriculum Development and Evaluation

  • Leader in designing learning for students whereby students are doing the cognitive work through design challenges, problem solving, collaboration, problem based learning, and project based learning.
  • Ensure K-12 alignment.
  • Direct the development, implementation, management, and evaluation of curriculum and programming in the District.
  • Serve as chairperson of the District Council.
  • Supervise the development of K-12 graded courses of study, adoption of textbook and/or instructional materials, and the selection of instructional supplies and equipment.
  • Direct the District K-12 Student Testing and Assessment Program.
  • Direct the district on grading practices and policy.
  • Lead and finalize all facets of the Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP).




  • Direct the development, implementation, management, and evaluation of teaching, learning, and assessment in the District.
  • Monitor classroom instruction to ensure the linkage between instructional objectives in graded courses of studies with effective teaching strategies and student performance.
  • Direct the collaboration with building principals of grade level, department level, and vertical alignment of instructional strategies and curriculum.
  • Assist Principals in evaluating the effectiveness of classroom instructional techniques, methods, materials, integration of technology, and organization.
  • Direct the district teacher staff development program and insure its interrelationship with instruction.



Professional Development

  • Collaboratively direct and support the development, implementation, and evaluation of professional development in the District.
  • Identify, develop and provide differentiated professional development and training activities for staff.
  • Evaluate professional development and training activities for effectiveness.
  • K-12 vertical articulation.



Staff Evaluation

  • Assist the Superintendent and/or lead in the evaluation of administrators.
  • Assist the Superintendent in making contractual decisions related to the assignment, transfer, and reappointment of Principals and other appropriate staff members.



Management of Educational Subprograms

  • Manage and provide leadership to educational subprograms that complement the basic curriculum and instructional services.
  • Assist in scheduling and staffing.
  • Supervise the development of budgets.
  • Secure funding for individual projects.
  • Monitor reports.



  • Collaborate on maintaining Board of Education policies
  • Model the pillars of ethical behavior
  • Model the District 21st Century Skills
  • Implement those specific aspects of the strategic plan that are relevant to this position
  • Write, lead, and advise on grants and other federal education programs
  • Promote effective working relationships
  • Promote safe and secure environment for self and others
  • Be accurate and effective in written and oral communications
  • Develop professionally
  • Other duties as assigned


Experience Required:

  • Administrative license required
  • OTES/OPES credentials preferred
  • Prior principal experience preferred
  • Experience leading professional development and staff evaluation
  • Prior effective curriculum development
  • Experience connecting and leading diverse groups
  • Experience analyzing building and district data


Wage or Salary:

Approximate Work Hours or Days: 8 hours a day/260 days


How to Apply:

Please apply here:


Posting End Date: 2021-06-17


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