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Director of Curriculum and Instruction – New London Local Schools


Essential Functions:


  1.     Supervises staff members as designated by local superintendent.


  1.     Represents the district on the Huron County’s Curriculum Steering Committee, the district  curriculum council, and serves as a liaison to staff and administration.


  1.     Coordinates district-wide curriculum development.


  1.     Coordinates textbook and resource selection.


  1.     Directs continuous evaluation of curriculum implementation.


  1.     Works with citizens groups for the improvement of the total school program.


  1.     Assists with communications to the district’s community.


  1.   Makes teacher observations and assists in the selection and use of teaching aids, textbooks, and other materials to improve instruction.


  1.   Oversees the reporting of such information through the Educational Management Information System (EMIS) as pertains to testing, curriculum, and students.


  1.   Meets with the local superintendent to interview candidates for vacancies and assists in the investigation of all candidates.


  1.   Keeps the superintendent informed concerning all areas of responsibility.


  1.   Cooperates with the North Point Educational Service Center’s staff in the improvement of local school programs.


  1.   Assists in the assimilation of information necessary to complete local, state, and federal reports and grants, including the Ohio Department of Education’s CCIP.


  1.   Attends board meetings and prepares reports for the Board upon request.


  1. Plans and Implements all district professional development activities


Experience Required:


  1. State of Ohio Administrative or Assistant Superintendent Certificate.


  1. Master’s degree in curriculum or comparable degree as determined by  the superintendent.


  1. Experience in teaching, administration, curriculum development  and implementation, testing, and intervention.


  1. Strong knowledge of and background in literacy


Wage or Salary:

Approximate Work Hours or Days: 260


How to Apply:

Online application via


Posting End Date: 2022-07-01

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