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Director of Operations – Miami East Local Schools

Start Date


-Oversees district-wide maintenance, custodial, transportation, and food service programs.
-Oversee facility planning, works with the facilities committee, building/site renovations, and new construction.
-Serve as an active member of the administrative team. Articulate a clear philosophy and share a vision of learning. Uphold board policies. -Implement administrative guidelines/procedures.
-Maintain open/effective communications. Uses problem-solving techniques to address and resolve questions/concerns tactfully.
-Under the direction of the superintendent, supervise, direct, manage, and evaluate maintenance, transportation, custodial, food service, and corresponding services in accordance with board policy, administrative regulations, and contractual agreements.
-Uphold personnel policies. Answers employees’ questions. Follow adopted procedures to resolve grievances.
-Encourage innovations. Analyzes data to improve school operations. Serve as an information resource. Help develop and implement the district’s strategic plan.
-Provide staff leadership. Engender staff enthusiasm and teamwork. Promote a safe, efficient, and effective work/learning environment. —Manage change processes. Implements strategies and time-frames to accomplish organizational objectives. Help resolve problems.
-Manage cost-control programs. Prepare competitive bid specifications. Monitor contractor’s/vendor’s performance.
-Assist the treasurer’s office with the management of non-consumable asset records.
-Serve as district safety coordinator. Monitor facility safety concerns. Work with stakeholders to manage and eliminate risk factors.
-Serve as a liaison to governmental regulatory agencies, including the EPA.
-Ensure the equitable distribution of workloads and extra assignments. Ensure that essential services are maintained during staff absences. Approve time sheets.
-Assist with negotiations.
-Organize and manage the district’s maintenance and custodial programs. Works with head custodians to develop a summer cleaning schedule.
-Develop performance goals and strategies to accomplish approved objectives within specified timelines.
-Maintain effective communications with staff to resolve problems and ensure progress.
-Uphold board policies and follow administrative procedures.
-Regularly inspect the district’s buildings, grounds, and recreational facilities. Identify and prioritize maintenance needs. Work with the maintenance department to implement preventative maintenance programs. Ensures emergency repairs are completed and coordinates with insurance when needed.
-Approve recommended outside contractors. Monitor, evaluate, and sign off on work performed.
-Schedule maintenance activities, approve requisition of supplies, supervise work crews, and verify invoices and payments.
-Consult with building principals to ensure that preventative maintenance and custodial programs are effective.
-Assume all specific duties and responsibilities for the supervision of transportation as found in the Ohio Pupil Transportation Operation and Safety Rules and the Ohio Revised Code.
-Verify that all drivers are properly qualified and correctly licensed. Ensure that drivers are familiar with the aspects of their duties (e.g., district policies, procedures, schedules, routes, etc).
-Approves bus routes and schedules before the beginning of the school year. Assign drivers. Make route information available to students/parents.
-Provides oversight for the monthly transportation meetings that are planned and conducted with the Transportation Coordinator as well as the Monday trip offerings.
-Handles disciplinary issues regarding drivers including viewing video from the buses for all issues that may lead to driver discipline.
-Provide routing information to each school. Works with transportation coordinator to adjust bus routes when needed (new students, withdrawn students, road closures). Maintain a file that contains an up-to-date copy of all bus routes and pick-up points.
-Coordinate with building principals and/ or their designees for the nonroutine use (e.g., field trips, etc.) of school buses.
-Administer a high-quality ongoing vehicle maintenance program and coordinate all activities for the annual Ohio State Highway Patrol bus inspection.
-Maintain complete and accurate transportation records, reports, and inventories as required by law, district policy, or administrative directives (e.g., safety inspections, maintenance logs, fuel records, operating costs, etc.).
-Investigate all school bus accidents. Complete necessary documents for law officers, insurance companies, and the district. Advise drivers on defensive measures for preventing such accidents.
-Schedule regular evaluations of maintenance, custodial, transportation, safety, and emergency equipment.
-Manage the district snow removal operation and work with the superintendent to determine school delays and closures.
-Comply with OSHA, PERRA, MSDS, and other environmental compliance responsibilities. Provide for clean and safe working conditions.
-Ensure compliance with all applicable building codes and ADA accessibility standards for all Miami East facilities and athletic venues.
-Organize and carry out an effective food service program. Monitor and evaluate operational performance.
-Ensure that each student served by the district’s food service program has access to a complete lunch meeting all USDA child nutrition guidelines.
-Ensure compliance with all local, state, and federal food preparation regulations.
-Help with the preparation of applications for subsidized food programs (e.g., free and reduced-charge lunch programs, commodities, surplus foods, etc.).
-Be prepared for anticipated and unanticipated fire, health, and safety inspections. Walk the building inspectors around.
-Help recruit, interview, and perform background/reference investigations of applicants for maintenance, custodial, food service, and transportation positions. Make hiring recommendations.
-Train assigned staff in procedures to effectively accomplish their duties. Provide instructions about proper precautions to prevent injuries.
-Participate in professional growth activities (e.g., professional associations, course work, workshops, vendor training, etc.) that will advance the maintenance, transportation, and food service programs.
-Serve as a role model for staff and students. Exemplify responsible leadership. Demonstrate personal integrity, impartiality, respect, and courtesy.
-Perform other specific job-related duties as directed by the superintendent.


Experience Required
-Bachelor’s degree in education, business administration, or relative management experience.
-Ability to establish working relationships with co-workers and function as part of a cohesive team.
-Commitment to keep current with work skills essential to the objectives of the position.
-Effective organizational planning and management skills.
-Work and or supervisory experience in one or more of the identified business services.
-Ability to monitor and manage compliance with health, safety, and environmental laws/regulations.
-Meet all other legal requirements and criminal background checks.
-Holds a valid bus CDL or willingness to obtain.
-Ability to interpret and comply with building codes and Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility guidelines.
-Ability to interpret and comply with material safety data sheets, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and Public Employer Risk Reduction Act regulations.
-Knowledge of school bus safety, laws, and regulations.
-Knowledge of local, state, and federal nutrition laws.
-Ability to monitor costs and manage record-keeping activities.


Wage or Salary
Starting at $77,000 (Salary will be based on experience)


Approximate Work Hours or Days
260 Days at 8 hours + per day.


How to Apply
To apply please email Superintendent Eric Hughes at Please include a letter of interest and an updated resume.


Posting End Date

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