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Director of Special Services – Springfield Local Schools (Summitt)


Essential Functions

Develops and administers school district’s special services programs consistent with school district goals and objectives, as well as applicable law.

Provides leadership and direction to staff with regard to the ongoing evaluation and improvement of special education, guidance, psychology and social work programs, and ESL, including curricular and extracurricular activities.

Assigns all special education, guidance, social work and school psychologist to ensure the most effective utilization and provision of special services and programs.

Manages and supervises all employees in responsibility areas, including the recruitment, selection, training, professional development and evaluation of staff under areas of responsibility; makes recommendations regarding goals, provides constructive feedback and takes corrective action if necessary.

Coordinates and attends meetings with district staff and parents, serves on committees, and conducts professional development as needed to fulfill responsibilities.

Contributes to the development of the total school philosophy of education.

Assists in the adaptation of school policies to include special education needs.

Recommends policies and programs essential to the needs of exceptional children.

Serves as liaison with state officials and agencies regarding legislation, programming and other matters covering areas of responsibility.

Keeps informed of all legal requirements governing special education.

Keeps other school district staff informed of changes in laws or regulations in areas of responsibility.

Provides leadership in establishing new programs and developing improved understanding of existing programs.

Develops and initiates survey programs for continuous identification of exceptional children.

Supervises and coordinates special education classroom programs.

Evaluates existing programs as an ongoing responsibility, and recommends changes and additions as needed.

Establishes procedures for placement, evaluation, assignment, and re-appraisal of students with regard to the special education services program.

Serves as the school’s liaison for student education students entering or exiting high school to outside district day or residential programs.

Develops procedures for referral, securing medical reports, psychological examination, and placement.

Recommends components of behavioral management plans to administrative and teaching staff consistent with the needs of special needs students.

Supervises and coordinates home instruction for homebound or hospitalized students.

Able to evaluate, determines tenure, and recommends for promotion any personnel serving in the special education area.

Assists in the recruitment, selection, and recommendation for hiring of any special education personnel.

Assumes responsibility for compiling, maintaining, and filing all reports, records, and other documents legally required or administratively useful.

Develops and maintains complete and cumulative individual records of all children receiving special services or enrolled in special classes.

Supervises preparation of attendance reports and similar data necessary to reimbursement of funds, collecting of tuition for out-of-district students, and similar fiscal matters.

Arranges for transportation of all children placed in special classes.

Develops budget recommendations and provides expenditure control on established budgets for special education.

Keeps informed of the state of financial aid for special education.

Interprets the objectives and programs of the special education services to the Board, the administration, the staff, and the public at large.

Maintains a permanent inventory of equipment purchased for special education.

Prepares and oversees budget related service program.

Establishes procedures for requisitioning, ordering, and paying for special education equipment and supplies.

Approves all supplies, materials, and texts used by special education personnel.

Coordinates crisis intervention team and participates as a member, as needed.

Supervises and monitors the school district health services programs.

Serves as the Coordinator for “Child Find”.

Serves as the Title IX Coordinator.

Additional Duties

Performs other tasks as assigned by the Superintendent.

Note:  The above description is illustrative of tasks and responsibilities.  It is not meant to be all inclusive of every task or responsibility.


Experience Required:

Education/Experience Preferred:

Ohio Administrative Certificate or License required, experience preferred.

Proven experience within the special education community preferred.

Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.


Wage or Salary:

Approximate Work Hours or Days: 260 Days


How to Apply:

Apply through AppliTrack at


Posting End Date: 2021-06-18

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