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Director of Systems and Instructional Technology – Brooklyn City Schools



  1. Direct, specify and procure the purchase of technology equipment and materials to ensure that needs of the district are being met in the most cost-effective manner; with emphasis on classroom implementation and student growth.
  2. Direct, supervise and evaluate technology/information/media support staff and related teaching staff.
  3. Coordinate installation of equipment and software related to technology; Apply current technologies to effectively support the learning, teaching, and business needs of the organizations (within the parameters of available funding) 4. Maintain or establish relationships with vendors to support a reliable wireless network 5. Experience in administration and set-up of state and national-level assessment platforms (NWEA MAP, OST, TIDE, SAT, ACT, KRA, etc.) 6. Supervise District printing; including management of student reports, online forms, etc.
  4. Router/switch configuration experience Google Chrome administrator experience 8. Experience in the configuration and support of virtual computing environments.

Wireless network administration experience 9. Server administration experience Implement training and staff development in the use of technology for classroom use 10. Plan and promote technology workshops Chair the District Technology Committee Mentor teachers in current and upcoming educational technology trends 11. Assist with building administrators in the design and delivery of activities related to the integration of technology across the curriculum to improve teaching and learning 12. Ensure safety of students through technology (video security, 911, PA systems, door security) 13. Advise grade level and curriculum review committees on the use of technology in their area 14. Supervise the library, media program, district technician, and related staff 15. Assisting and/or initiate technology grant procurement and development 16. Oversee the inventory of all technology equipment used by staff and students Recommend long-term adjustments and changes in the instructional technology program 17. Assist in the gathering, selecting and analysis of data 18. Lead the development and implementation of a district’s technology plan/vision


Experience Required:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Educational Technology, Computer Science, Business Technologies or any other related discipline.
  2. 5+ years of previous experience as a Director of Systems and Instructional Technology preferred 3. Related experience in technology use, knowledge of both curriculum and staff development 4. Experience in planning, directing and coordinating technology programs 5. Exemplified administrative leadership, systems administration/network leadership or related is preferred 6. Such additional experience to the above qualifications as the Superintendent may find appropriate


Wage or Salary: Negotiable

Approximate Work Hours or Days: 261


How to Apply:

The successful candidate will be offered a multi-year contract at 261 days per year. The candidate will report directly to the Superintendent of Brooklyn City Schools and preferably be open to a negotiated start date.

Interested candidates can submit their application by visiting the district website –


Questions regarding the position can be sent to Dr. Theodore Caleris, Superintendent @


Posting End Date: 2022-02-11

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