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Early Childhood Center (PreK-K) Principal – Olmsted Falls City Schools



Valid driver’s license.

Appropriate State of Ohio Principal’s or Superintendent’s Certificate/License Shall meet requirements of law and be governed by state law and the North Central.

Experiences within Preschool Step Up to Quality program, instructor, lead teacher, administrator.






Serves as an inspirational instructional leader for the school building.

Help us redefine student success towards progress on real competencies that will impact the lives of students; Is part of a team that facilitates the creation and design of engaging student work; Is part of a learning community that collaboratively works with each other to develop ourselves and our students.

Continue his/her professional growth through activities such as continued education coursework, workshops, seminars, and so forth.

Supervises the operations of the buildings, grounds, and other school property for the health, safety, and well-being of students, teachers, and patrons; reports needed major building and equipment repairs to the Chief Operating Officer.

Directs, supervises, and evaluates the instructional and guidance programs and the work (master) schedule of all assigned personnel.

Shall prepare all reports and maintain such records as required by school law, regulation, or request of the local superintendent, inclusive of ODE/SUTQ preschool mandates.

Organizes, administers, and directs all student activities for the assigned school building.

Directs all student accounting activities for the assigned attendance area; all extra-curricular funds in each building shall be handled through the office through a common system of accounting and banking.  Shall make a financial report listing receipts, disbursements, and all monies in the school fund monthly.

Shall be responsible for the requisition of supplies, textbooks, equipment, and other material necessary for the operation of the building through the office of  the local superintendent.

Prepares and submits the building’s budgetary requests and monitors expenditures of funds.

Shall be responsible for the registration, assignment, promotion or retention of all students assigned within the building.  A report shall be made to the local superintendent of all retained or conditioned students.

Shall coordinate the activities of the assigned school with the activities of other schools in the district through the office of the local superintendent.

Shall be responsible for keeping the local superintendent informed concerning all activities in his/her respective building(s).

Shall develop policies/plans for safeguarding equipment, property, and enforces the observance of school laws.

Shall develop/keep up-to-date a disaster plan for the building following the guideline as set forth in the “Emergency Preparedness Planning Guide for Ohio Schools,” published  by the Ohio Department of Education, 1973 (fire drills, tornado drills, safety procedures, and so forth).

Shall maintain good public relations with the community; student welfare and school- student relationship.

Notifies the office of the local superintendent of any student whose parents reside outside the district so that status may be determined in regard to tuition.

Confers with the local superintendent regarding suspension and expulsion of students before such action is taken and submits written reports of such action.

Shall be responsible for  maintaining a procedure for the withdrawal of students from his/her building.  The principal shall complete all forms and reports required by the local superintendent and the county office of education.

Maintains high standards of student conduct and enforces discipline as necessary according to board policy and according to due process to the right of students by establishing guides for proper student conduct and by maintaining student discipline, inclusive of PBIS programing.

In conjunction with the staff, evaluates the curriculum, seeks improvement of educational programs, and makes an annual report with recommendations to the local superintendent.

Make classroom visits, periodically review teachers’ lesson plans, and have follow-up conferences with recommendations to the local superintendent.

Directs and coordinates the support staff (classified) assigned to the building.

Enforcement of Ohio Revised Code that establishes policy, age, and immunization requirements.

Utilizes county office of education pupil personnel staff services, when necessary  (i.e., attendance officer, juvenile court, local agencies, and so forth.).

Shall maintain adequate records of all students within the building.

Shall inform the local superintendent when absent from the building; appoint a member of the faculty to be in charge during his/her absence but in doing so, must assume full responsibility for any result.

Shall be responsible for scheduling meetings of the faculty of his/her building.

Attends and supervises school functions outside the regular school day.


Serves as a role model for students in how to conduct themselves as citizens and as responsible, intelligent human beings; Helps instill in students the belief in and practice of ethical principles and democratic values; and Conducts other duties related to the principal’s duties as assigned by the Superintendent/Designee of schools.

We are a destination district for those who would like to help us realize our vision to inspire and empower students. Olmsted Falls City School District is focused on genuinely inspiring and empowering students to ensure they develop the skills that will truly make them successful life-long learners and productive problem-solvers.


We believe that our District’s Vision is incongruent with, and reaches far beyond, the current Ohio Report Card system that is meant to communicate “progress” to communities.  Rather than relying on community outsiders to dictate the things that we value, our school board, teachers, administrators, parents and community members chose a path less traveled and have begun to reframe accountability as demonstrated by our Portrait of an Olmsted Graduate as well as our locally established district and building scorecards.  We believe that we are first and foremost accountable to our community.


Our district has taken on the accountability challenges that a public school district like ours faces as a result of having to operate within the 20th century accountability model that we’re forced into, and the 21st century world that our students are living in.



Olmsted Falls City Schools – we are different, on purpose.


This job description in no manner states or implies that these are the only duties and responsibilities to be performed by the position incumbent.  The incumbent will be required to follow the instructions and perform the duties required by the incumbent’s supervisor, appointing authority, or designee.


The employee shall remain free of any alcohol or non-prescribed controlled substance abuse in the workplace throughout his/her employment in the District.

Experience Required:

Olmsted Falls City Schools is currently seeking a Principal of the Early Childhood Center for the 2023-2024 school year and beyond.



Contracted Days:




Salary: $84,872 – $97,602


Administrative benefit package that includes: STRS pickup & pickup on the pickup; professional dues; longevity; and tuition reimbursement for up to 36 semester hours. (Candidate screening will begin February 27, 2023)




Job Description for Principal of Early Childhood Center



Valid driver’s license.

Appropriate State of Ohio Principal’s or Superintendent’s Certificate/License Shall meet requirements of law and be governed by state law and the North Central.

Experiences within Preschool Step Up to Quality program, instructor, lead teacher, administrator.








Inspires and empowers the learning community of the Olmsted Falls Early Childhood Center which includes students from PreK through Kindergarten. Implements the administration, supervision, and evaluation of all programs and activities, curricular and co-curricular, within his/her building in accordance with board of education policy and Ohio School Law and Standards; provide leadership in the planning and supervision of the educational program.




The Olmsted Falls Early Childhood Center has approximately 100 preschoolers (64 with special needs and 36 peer models) and 229 kindergarten students. There are five preschool teachers, 10 kindergarten teachers, 5 specialist teachers, 4 Intervention Specialists, 2 Speech Therapists, a school psychologist, and a school counselor. The school also has 11 paraprofessionals, 2 custodians, and 2 clinic aides to support our Itty Bitty Bulldogs.


Wage or Salary: $84,872-$97,602

Approximate Work Hours or Days: 220


How to Apply:


Posting End Date: 2023-05-01


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