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High School Principal – East Guernsey Local Schools

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Reports To: Superintendent

Assistant Principal

Job Goals:
To provide an environment conducive to learning
To promote the educational development and welfare of each student
To ensure that each student receives appropriate teaching in accordance with the Board Policies and Objectives

Performance Responsibilities:

A. Administration
Provides the professional leadership for the faculty, staff, and students
Attends management team and curriculum council meetings
Establishes and maintains school rules by which faculty, staff and students are governed in accordance with Board Policy and administrative rules and regulations
Maintains inventories of school property and ensures its proper use
Promptly reports problems to the Superintendent
Reports accidents on the appropriate forms
Develops written emergency plans and informs the staff of them
Conducts disaster and fire drills in accordance with state and local requirements
Maintains and master calendar of school events and reports all events to the Superintendent
Maintains school hours and schedules as set forth by the Superintendent
Organizes the functions of the school
Analyze enrollments, building staff and instructional needs and makes recommendations to the Superintendent
Prepares and presents to the Superintendent reports of regular teacher absences and substitute teachers’ employment
Notifies the Superintendent of absence and appoints a designee
As appropriate, coordinate the activities of the schools in the system
Schedules teachers’ duties for the proper supervision of students throughout the school day
Develops, in conjunction with the Superintendent, a working schedule for the custodians and sees that the schedule is followed
Collects all monies due to the Board from students, and deposits such with the Treasurer in accordance with Board procedure
Supervises preparation of all reports
Administers the school’s budget
Conducts regular staff meetings for routine business and curriculum study
Approves requisitions for materials and supplies requested by faculty and staff
Assumes responsibility for interscholastic athletics and intramural activities

B . Curriculum and Instruction
Promotes an effective instructional program for all students
Supervises and evaluates the instructional and guidance programs
Advises parents of the availability of home instruction when there is the probability that a student will be out of school for an extended period due to illness or disability
Assists the Superintendent with the procedures for textbook adoptions and the ordering of all textbooks and supplies
Provides procedures for securing and distributing appropriate books, supplies, equipment, and instructional materials
Alert staff to new developments in curriculum and instruction
Assists teachers in improving their teaching capabilities
Review teachers’ weekly lesson plans

C. Personnel
Assists the staff in developing plans for achieving Board operatives and defines their responsibilities
Supervises and evaluates all personnel
Schedules teachers
Assigns duties to faculty and staff as may be necessary to the efficient administration of the school
When possible, interviews prospective teachers
Orients new faculty and staff
Assists teachers to resolve discipline problems
Identifies areas of need for in-service and professional growth
Updates faculty in education development
Provides for in-service when needed
Treats staff professionally
Possesses confidence from staff
Uses appropriate disciplinary approaches when necessary
Creates atmosphere of good staff morale

D. Pupil Personnel
Provides for the supervision of students by assigning duties to teachers
that are necessary to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the students
Coordinates student activities
Takes measures to maintain the proper conduct of students and enforces discipline
When necessary, suspend students and notify the parents, the Treasurer, and the Superintendent that such action has been taken and the reason for such action
Prepares a student handbook
Oversees the evaluation of student progress
Cooperates with the special services personnel and the Special Education Supervisor in providing programs for special education students

E. School-Community
Communicates the philosophy, goals, and practices of the district and school to the community
Encourages meetings of parents, teachers, and students of the benefit of the school
Assists parent-teacher organizations in planning and implementing programs
Maintains good public relations
Conducts timely follow through of community/parent concerns

F. Physical Plant
Supervises the school building and grounds and other areas used by the students
Sees that the custodians have the materials and the maintenance support necessary for assuring proper care of the building and grounds
Coordinates all activities involving the use of school facilities, buildings and grounds
Maintains a safe school environment

G. Other
Assumes such other responsibilities as may be assigned by the Superintendent
Meets predetermined leadership performance objectives

Evaluation: Performance is evaluated annually by the Superintendent with the provisions of the Board’s procedure on Evaluation and Professional Development.


Experience Required
Must hold a valid Ohio Principal’s Certificate
Shall have a minimum of five years classroom teaching
Demonstrate leadership ability
Such other qualifications as may be required by the Superintendent and/or the Board


Wage or Salary
Salary, fringe benefits and work year to be established by the board.


Approximate Work Hours or Days
~225 Days


How to Apply
If interested, email Jamie Rominger (, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, with a cover letter, resume and professional references. The successful applicants must meet all the minimum qualifications listed in the job description. The Board or its designee shall assess employee qualifications through testing (where applicable), employee evaluations, educational background, and previous work experience. Candidates who meet the qualifications in the specific job description shall be considered. If more than one applicant meets the minimum qualifications, the successful bidder shall be the most qualified.

The Board of Education is an equal opportunity employer offering employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, military status, or disability.


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