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High School Principal – Liberty Union-Thurston Local Schools


  • Master’s Degree, with academic training in educational administration
  • A valid Ohio certificate/license to practice as a high school principal
  • At least three years of experience in teaching, administration, or supervision
  • Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the board may find appropriate

Reports to:  Superintendent


  • Teaching staff and paraprofessionals
  • Other professional staff
  • Selected nonprofessional school staff attached to the buildings
  • Other resource and service personnel while functioning in the assigned school

Job Goal:  To provide the leadership necessary to establish and maintain a program vision that promotes the educational development of each student pursuant to the 2023 graduation standards and preparation for success post graduation.

Direct Responsibilities: 

  • School Culture
  • All Instructional Programs
  • Supervise and Evaluate all Staff in the Building
  • Student Activity Programs and Accounts
  • Maintain Building Budgets


  • Supervises the school’s educational program
  • Assumes responsibility for the implementation and observance of all board policies and regulations by the staff and students
  • Assists in the development, implementation, revision, and evaluation of the curriculum
  • Assumes primary responsibility for selection, professional growth, and evaluation of the school’s professional staff
  • Consults with the board of education in the employment of the superintendent
  • Delegates authority to appropriate personnel to assume responsibility for the school in absence of the principal
  • Organizes school time to provide for the efficient conduct of school
  • Coordinates fire drills, tornado drills, and other emergency preparedness programs
  • Encourages high standards of student conduct and enforces discipline as necessary, granting due process to students
  • Asserts leadership in times of civil disobedience in school in accordance with established board policies
  • Supervises and evaluates the school’s extracurricular programs
  • Assists in the in-service orientation and professional growth of teachers with special responsibility for administrative procedures and instructions
  • Supervises the preparation of all school reports for the district office
  • Makes recommendations concerning the school’s administration and instructional program
  • Assumes responsibility for the attendance, conduct, and health of students while at school
  • Assists in the management and preparation of the school budget
  • Supervises the maintenance of accurate records on the progress and attendance of students and staff
  • Acts as liaison between the school and the community, interpreting activities and policies of the school and encouraging community participation in school life
  • Recommends the removal of a teacher whose work is determined to be unsatisfactory, according to established procedures, policies, and laws
  • Conducts meetings of the staff as necessary for the proper functioning of the school
  • Coordinates the identification and placement of handicapped children
  • Provides curriculum supervision for the special education program
  • Assists in the coordination of planning between special education staff and regular education teacher(s)
  • Serves as a liaison between the universities and the school for student teachers
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the superintendent

Additional Working Conditions: 

  • May occasionally be exposed to blood, bodily fluids, and tissue.
  • Must follow all safety guidelines for blood borne pathogens.
  • Must occasionally climb steps.
  • Must occasionally lift items weighing 40 lbs.
  • Must occasionally plug in and unplug equipment.
  • Must occasionally interact with unruly children and/or irate adults.

Compensation:  Per Administrative Salary Schedule

Starting Date:  August 1, 2022 – Qualified staff members interested in this position should notify the Superintendent in writing, listing qualifications and reasons for interest in the position. All other applicants must complete this online application. Applications are due by May 31, 2022, but will be taken until the position is filled. Applications must be complete and include a copy of appropriate professional licensing, copies of all original college and university transcripts, a resume, and three current letters of reference.


Must apply online:


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