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High School Principal – North Ridgeville City Schools




  1.        Harmonious Operation of the school.


  1. Development of the Total Educational Program.


  1. Student Service Management.


  1. Staff Personnel Management and Evaluation.


  1. School Community Relations.


  1. Operation of Physical Facilities.


  1. Finance and Business Management of the Schools


  1. Must hold OPES, OTES and OSCES certification




The Building Principal shall:


  1. Carry out a program for the continuous improvement of instruction within the school, consistent with the philosophy of education, courses of study, textbooks, and programs which are approved by the

North Ridgeville City Schools Board of Education. Leadership in this area shall include a close working relationship with the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, and total participation

of the faculty in planning and conducting a quality program for all pupils in the school.


  1. Maintain the general morale of the staff and good human and professional relationships with the school.  Shall be available for consultation with teachers, students, and parents and shall encourage their

active participation in an effort to improve the school.


  1. Assign all certificated and support staff within the building.


  1. Provide a program of in-service education for the staff working closely with the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, other principals and staff members.  In-service shall be based upon

a needs assessment, teacher input, and curriculum development.


  1. Participate in an active program to foster excellent school community relations, working closely with citizens groups, such as Parent Teacher Organization.


  1. Administer the school in such a way as to promote and maintain good student manners, scholarship, behaviors, discipline, and respect for others.


  1. Supervise the custodial staff within the building and cooperate with the Assistant Superintendent for Business Services in the care, maintenance, and improvement of the school plant and other physical facilities of the building.


  1. Assist in recruiting and make recommendations for employment of professional and non-professional staff members.  Advise all applicants that the final decision to employ can only be made by the Superintendent.


  1. Work cooperatively with the Assistant Superintendent for Business Services in the preparation of the building budget and in the business operation of the school.


  1. Interpret the educational objectives of the school to parents and other citizens of the community and encourage their participation and efforts to improve the school program.


  1. Represent the school district through participation in the activities of local and state professional organizations and encourage other members of the staff to participate in a similar manner.


  1. Cooperate with recognized social and law enforcement agencies to see that the services of these organizations are directed toward the best interest of the school.


  1. Maintain an interest in and a concern for welfare of the total school system.


  1. Attend school functions and events.


  1. Perform other administrative duties as directed.


Experience Required:



The Building Principal will have:


  1. An earned Master’s Degree or higher degree preferred from an accredited College or University.


  1. An Ohio High School Principal’s Certificate/License or Superintendent’s Certificate/License (or will be eligible to receive one prior to the date of employment).


  1. A minimum of three years of successful experiences as an administrator or teacher in a secondary school.


Wage or Salary:

Approximate Work Hours or Days: 260-day contract, 8 hours per day


How to Apply:


Posting End Date: 2021-05-12

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