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High School Principal – Tiffin City Schools

•       Ensure safety of students
•       Discipline students in grades 9 through 12
•       Direct the activities of school staff members
•       Implement and monitor all Board policies and regulations
•       Submit a completed Statement of Purpose as required by the Treasurer to be approved no later than the July Board of Education Meeting
•       Direct, oversee, supervise, and evaluate the instructional and guidance programs and the work schedule for all assigned personnel
•       Attend and supervise, as required, extracurricular activities, special events, athletic events, and other functions of the school
•       Supervise the operations of the buildings and grounds
•       Establish and maintain a positive public relations program
•       Monitor, enforce, and resolve problems with student attendance
•       Plan and supervise fire, tornado drills, lockdowns, and other emergency preparedness programs
•       Conduct regular staff meetings
•       Responsible for the requisition of supplies, textbooks, equipment, and other materials
•       Prepare and submit the building budgetary request
•       Monitor the expenditure of funds
•       Responsible for the registration, assignment, promotion, and/or retention of all students
•       Supervise development of curriculum, cooperatively with the Director of Instruction/Personnel, staff, and Superintendent
•       Assist in the improvement and/or adjustment of the overall curricular program
•       Counsel students regarding their academic, social, and personal problems in cooperation with guidance counselors
•       Respond to and appropriately handle complaints of parents
•       Evaluate the performance of teachers through class visits and conferences for the purpose of improving instruction and assisting teachers with any problems
•       Inform teachers and other employees regarding the policies and procedures of the school
•       Develop and enforce policies regarding proper protection of equipment and property, observance of school laws, and safety procedures
•       Coordinate work of special teachers who are assigned to the high school
•       Actively participate in school levy campaigns
•       Serve as a role model for students and staff
•       Assist in the supervision of the maintenance of accurate student records
•       Evaluate and supervise high school administrators, instructional staff, support paraprofessionals, secretarial staff, and custodial staff
•       Responsible for providing general supervision to food service staff
•       Arrange conferences with parents, teachers, and students regarding grades/disciplinary procedures
•       Maintain a positive and effective rapport with staff, students, parents, and community members
•       Serve with parent, faculty, and student groups as requested
•       Submit all reports and lists, as required, at the appropriate time
•       Maintain a high standard for student conduct and control in accordance with the due process rights of students
•       Assist with coordinating the development of the master teaching schedule
•       Provide general supervision to students
•       Make contacts with the public with tact and diplomacy
•       Maintain the confidentiality of personal and professional information, e.g., student files, student IEPs, medical records, personnel files, and documentation for legal proceedings
•       Interact in a positive manner with staff, students, and parents
•       Use effective communication skills when describing policies
•       Attend meetings and in-services as required
•       Coordinate class ring sales/distribution
•       Supervise student pictures and ID cards
•       Update the student and staff handbooks yearly
•       Recommend to the Superintendent continuation or non-continuation of employment of teaching staff
•       Oversee the maintenance of records and controls in the funds of the school activity account
•       Organize, administer, and direct all student activities
•       Study and evaluate, and, as appropriate, recommend adoption of new textbooks, materials, and programs
•       Participate in community events/activities
•       Participate in the development and review of the total high school program
•       Respond to routine questions and requests in an appropriate manner
•       Perform all other duties as assigned by the Superintendent
•       Assist with the arrangement of all field trips
•       Assist with residency and custody issues for admissions and withdrawals
•       Assist with substitute teachers and in-house coverage
•       Assist with the development, implementation and coordination of “at-risk” programs for the high school
•       Assist with the coordination of school connected organizations
•       Assist with the coordination of the Alternative Learning Program

Experience Required:
•       Master’s degree (M.A.) or equivalent
•       Successful classroom teaching experience
•       Appropriate State of Ohio certification/licensure
•       CPR certification
•       Training in first aid
•       Prior principal experience preferred
•       Documentation of a clear BCII/FBI report
•       Such alternative to the above qualifications as the Superintendent and/or Board of Education may find appropriate

Wage or Salary: Commensurate with experience.
Approximate Work Hours or Days: 260 Day Calendar/Usually 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM

How to Apply:
Go to:
This position is open to external candidates beginning 4/13/22.

Posting End Date: 2022-05-06

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