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High School Principal – Unity Academy

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Major Responsibilities and Duties:
• Instructional Management
• Participate in the development and evaluation of educational programs.
• Encourage and support developments of innovative instructional programs, helping teachers pilot such efforts when appropriate.
• Promote the use of technology in teaching/learning process.School/Organizational Climate
• Promote a positive, caring climate for learning.
• Deal sensitively and fairly with persons from diverse cultural backgrounds.
• Communicate effectively with students and staff.

School/Organizational Improvement
• Participate in development of campus improvement plans with staff, parents, and community members.
• Help develop, maintain, and use information systems to track progress on campus performance objectives and academic excellence indicators.

Personnel Management
• Perform employee performance observations, record observations. Serve as appraiser for designated teacher appraisal system.
• Participates in the interview and selection process.
• Final approval of hired building staff, when applicable.
• Responsible for orienting new staff to building.
• Establish clear expectations to building staff.
• Accountable for building staff performance results.


Administration and Fiscal/Facilities Management/Supervise operations.
• Help plan daily school activities by participating in the development of class schedules, teacher assignments, and extracurricular activity schedules.
• Supervise monitoring of student attendance and investigate when appropriate.
• Work with department heads and faculty to assist in development of campus budget.
• Requisition supplies, textbooks, and equipment; check inventory; maintain records; and verify receipts for materials.
• Conduct safety inspections and safety-drill practice activities.
• Comply with federal and state laws, State Board of Education rules, and board policy.

Student Management
• Ensure that students are adequately supervised during non-instructional periods.
• Help to develop a student discipline management system that results in positive student behavior.
• Ensure that school rules are uniformly observed and that student discipline is appropriate and equitable.
• Conduct conferences on student and school issues with parents, students, and teachers.

Professional Growth and Development
• Participate in professional growth to improve skills related to job assignment.

School/Community Relations
• Articulate the school’s mission to community and solicit its support in accomplishing the mission.
• Use appropriate and effective techniques to encourage community and parent involvement.

Common work activities include:
• Teach classes, developing rapport with the students, handling discipline issues and filling in when required (teacher absences, modeling lessons and/or in shortage).

• Working closely with administration on a daily basis to ensure the smooth overall operation of the school.
• Supporting committees of staff and parent that function to improve the learning and social environment of the school for the students.
• Resolving conflicts between students, teachers, parents or combinations of conflicts between various individuals.
• Conduct yearly teacher evaluations, assisting in providing guidance to staff and students, and encouraging a positive climate in the school.
• Directing assemblies and other special gatherings of students for events throughout the year.
• Developing emergency response plans for schools as required by state and federal education agencies.
• Filing reports and updating as required.
• Record keeping as required through the use of various logs, tracking records, computer programs, inter or intranet software or other programs

• Performs other duties as assigned by Director of Academics and/or designee.

Working Conditions:
• Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:
• Unusual and/or long hours to be anticipated.
• Maintain emotional control under stress.
• Work with frequent interruptions.
• Occasional district wide travel; occasional prolonged and irregular hours.
• Frequent walking, some stopping, bending, reaching, and stairs.
• Some exposure to very hot or cold weather.

Educational Solutions Company is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants are considered for all positions without regard to age, race, color, national origin, religion, sex, marital or veteran status, medical condition, or disability, or any other legally protected reason.

The foregoing statements describe the general purpose and responsibilities assigned to this job and are not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties that may be assigned or skills that may be required.


Experience Required

• Master’s degree
• Ohio Principal or other appropriate Ohio certificate
• Certified Professional Development
• BCI background check which meets OCR 3319.39

Special Knowledge/Skills:
• Thorough understanding of school operations
• Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills
• Ability to support campus operations

• Five-years’ experience as a classroom teacher, one year of which shall have been at a level to which assigned.


Approximate Work Hours or Days
40+ hours and 260 days


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