Job Opportunities > Principal at John Clem Elementary – Newark City Schools

Principal at John Clem Elementary – Newark City Schools


* Ability to articulate a vision for staff, students, parents and community members.


* Ability to use date to drive instruction with staff.


*Be aware of social and emotional needs of each individual student


*Provide and lead professional development using building data.


* Ability to provide leadership to the school’s building improvement plan for continued school improvement and lead Teacher Bases Teams.


* Understand role as a member of an Administrative Team in supporting district strategic plan


*  Be acceptable to the Superintendent of Schools and Assistant Superintendent of Certificated/Licensed Personnel.


Experience Required:

*Hold a Valid Ohio Elementary School Principal’s Certificate or License


*Strong communication skills, leadership skills and organizational skills.


*Successful classroom teaching experience and Building-level leadership experience preferred


Wage or Salary:

Approximate Work Hours or Days: 214 Days


How to Apply:

Complete application and email of your interest.


Posting End Date: 2022-04-29


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