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Principal – Columbus City Schools

Duties:•       Directs the day-to-day activities of building staff.  Duties include hiring, training, counseling, evaluating staff performance, and when necessary disciplining and/or discharging staff.•       Supervises the delivery of academic instruction ensuring learning experiences consistent with the mission statement and instructional goals of the building and district.•       Guides the selection of professional development materials to help support educators to deliver effective programs and services.•       Partners with executive director to develop and maintain collaborative relationships with higher education partners to ensure successful pre-service educator development opportunities in the district and related district educator professional development opportunities.•       Supervise assistant principal(s).•       Provides assistance and guidance to staff who are engaged in student instruction.•       Promotes improvement of curriculum and instruction within the building.•       Monitors student achievement and progress toward instructional goals and objectives of the building and district; initiates corrective action as necessary.•       Provides leadership and direction in the development and execution of the building’s ASIP school improvement plan.•       Oversees development of the master schedule and class scheduling of students.•       Prepares and administers building budget(s).  Oversees the procurement of books, supplies, materials and equipment ensuring expenditures are within the approved budget(s).•       Plans, coordinates and conducts staff development activities ensuring that instruction needs of the building are addressed.•       Monitors school building areas to ensure safe conditions and compliance with Federal, state and local health and safety standards.•       Creates and promotes a positive and cooperative atmosphere that encourages and motivates students and staff; ensures rules are fairly and consistently administered.•       Monitors building compliance with related regulatory requirements and district standards; initiates corrective action as necessary.•       Prepares and manages assigned educator professional development budget(s).•       Supports implementation of the building’s after school activities and events by attending activities/events and ensuring acceptable student behavior at all school sanctioned/sponsored activities/events.•       Oversees the maintenance of accurate personnel, student and fiscal records; protects confidentiality of information.•       Prepares or oversees completion of required documentation and reports.•       Establishes and maintains open lines of communication with central office administrators, building staff, students, parents and others; articulates and promotes the philosophy and mission of the building.•       Promotes positive school-community relations by clearly communicating school messages to parents and members of the community; responding to parental and community inquiries in a timely and courteous manner, and maintaining visibility with students, parents and the community.•       Resolves problems, situations or issues in a collaborative, tactful, courteous and respectful manner.•       Ensures departmental staff maintains required credentials and facilitates on-going development opportunities that align with district strategies and objectives•       Participates on district-wide committee as assigned; performs related tasks.•       Maintains current knowledge of best practices, trends and new developments in high school curriculum, instruction and building administration. Recommends and implements changes to operations and instructional strategies as necessary.•       Performs other duties as assigned.Experience Required:•       Master’s degree in Education or a related field.•       Two (2) or more years of experience as an assistant principal, including supervisory responsibilities.•       Valid Ohio Department of Education Administrator certificate or equivalent.•       Demonstrated knowledge of accrediting and regulatory standards and district policies related to assigned functions.•       Demonstrated supervisory skills to effectively manage the daily operations and administration of assigned function(s).•       Interpersonal skills necessary to communicate effectively and work productively with all levels of district staff, students, parents and the general public.•       Ability to handle problem situations in a tactful, courteous and respectful manner.•       Computer skills necessary to maintain various departmental records, documents and reports.•       Ability to handle problem situations in a tactful, courteous and respectful manner.•       Strong written and verbal communication skills, including effective presentation skills.•       Analytical ability to develop plans of action to address a variety of issues and concerns in a timely manner.•       Mathematical aptitude necessary to develop an annual budget and monitor expenditures.•       Demonstrated ability to effectively serve as a leader and member of a team.Wage or Salary:Approximate Work Hours or Days: 40How to Apply:Principal Elementary School: Principal Middle School: Principal High School: End Date: 2022-08-29

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