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Principal/Director Burbank Early Childhood School – Upper Arlington City Schools


School District / Company
Upper Arlington City Schools


1619 Zollinger Road
Upper Arlington, OH


Position Title
Principal/Director Burbank Early Childhood School


Number of Openings


Position Type
Administrator – Principal/Director


Start Date


The Principal/Director of Burbank Early Childhood School is responsible for the coordination of teaching staff activities, participation in the selection of staff,   implementation of the instructional program, coordination with the district’s Special Education programs and implementation of Preschool Special Education policies and procedures, supervision and evaluation of staff and other district responsibilities as assigned.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:  

Serves as the instructional and administrative leader in the delivery of high-quality early childhood education and curriculum.

Manages, coordinates, and oversees the successful participation of Burbank Early Childhood School in Ohio’s Program Licensing and Step Up To Quality system.

Assists the Director of Elementary Education and the Chief Student Services Officer in the planning for staffing projections.

Leads in the selection of staff members.

Plans and presents building orientation for new staff and ensures continued assistance during their first year of employment.

Encourages professional growth by means of teacher visitations, staff   participation in school sponsored in-service programs, and other   professional activities.

Evaluates personnel and assists in the determination of goals to improve performance.

Administers Upper Arlington City Schools Board policies and administrative regulations and procedures.

Review, manage and make recommendations to the Deputy Superintendent and Treasurer about preschool enrollment, programming, and funding to ensure the successful growth of preschool education in Upper Arlington Schools.

Coordinates staff attendance procedures.

Assists in the designing of ongoing staff development programs.

Coordinates faculty check-in/check-out including opening and closing of school procedures.

Assists and arranges student trips, activities, and observations that enrich and extend the instructional program.

Facilitates the student evaluation.

Maintains student records as required by Board policy; maintains special education records as required by Federal and State Law.

Coordinates, supervises and assists in programs designed to foster the educational development, the safety, and mental, emotional, and physical   well-being of the students.

Plans for and implements the budget according to the district budget process.

Facilitates communication between the school district and community.

Develops and maintains positive relations with parents and community.

Assists in the preparation of school reports for submission to federal, state, board or district administration.

Participates in professional organizations and activities whose purpose is to improve administrative skills.

Supports the implementation of the district’s continuous improvement plan.

Serves as a member of the district’s administrative team.

Assumes other district supervisory responsibilities as assigned and performs other duties as may be assigned.

Plans, implements and monitors improvement to special education and related services programming.

Coordinates resources and materials to develop plans for academic, psychological, social and emotional health.

Coordinates early childhood services, school age services, transition services, postsecondary options, alternative  education programs and home instruction.

Leads and coordinates related services such as speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical  therapy, adapted physical education, nursing, psychological services and behavioral services.

Assists the Chief Student Services Officer in the monitoring and recommendation of specialized equipment and  curriculum and instructional materials as it relates to classroom and student needs in order to inform the utilization of special education funds.

Coordinates and monitors services and supports to ensure compliance with District policies and state and  federal laws applicable to special education and individuals with disabilities.

Assists in the development and review of policies and administrative guidelines concerning special education  programs.

Additional Working Conditions:

Occasional exposure to blood, bodily fluids and tissue

Occasional interaction among, and intervention with, unruly children

Occasionally lift, carry, push, and pull various items up to a maximum of 25 pounds, e.g., paper boxes, deliveries of supplies and equipment

Frequently remain in a stationary period for extended periods

Frequently move and position self as necessary to access and operate equipment, provide instruction or support, supervise students, and/or maintain appropriate discipline

Frequently move around workspace and travel throughout school building and/or school district

Employees shall remain free of any alcohol or non-prescribed controlled substance, use in the work place throughout his/her employment with the District.


Experience Required
A Master’s Degree or higher in related area  (Bachelor’s degree in Early childhood education, special education, elementary education or related area)

A valid Ohio Principal’s Certificate/License Pk-6

3 plus years of experience in a school leadership position

Knowledge of Ohio preschool licensing and Step Up To Quality rules and regulations

Evidence of successful experience leading or implementing preschool special education programs, including knowledge of state and federal preschool special education rules and laws

Experience implementing quality preschool instructional practices and curricula

Experience providing or leading professional development for educators

Previous experience in coordinating programs

Demonstrated interpersonal skills as well as oral and written skills

Demonstrated commitment to continuing education


Wage or Salary
$83,373 – $109,298 annually


Approximate Work Hours or Days


How to Apply


Email Matt Jordan for more information.


Posting End Date

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