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Start Date:   August 1, 2022 (annual contract year is August 1st – July 31st) . Essential Duties:

  • Leads the day-to-day activities of the building, including, but not limited to, hiring, training, counseling, staff retention, preparing and conducting staff performance evaluations, and when necessary, handling staff and/or student disciplinary procedures, ensuring compliance with State and Federal laws, Board policies, and negotiated Agreements • Provides strategic leadership and direction to all staff within the building; directly supervises assistant principal(s), and directly/indirectly supervises other administrative and/or support staff members • Directs the delivery of the district’s school improvement activities within the building to enable students to meet and/or exceed state and local standards and to reduce the achievement gap between identified student populations and groups • Oversees the effective implementation of the teacher evaluation system (OTES), assistant principal evaluation system (OPES), and other staff evaluations, by systematic completion of the required observations and/or evaluations (within legal and/or contractual timelines), including substantive feedback which results in measurable improvements; completes performance evaluations for directreport staff members • Participates in the preparation and implementation of the district’s Continuous Improvement Plan, School Improvement Plan, building-level teams, and district-level teams; reviews measurable goals by monitoring progress via use of student data and other data Job Description – Lorain High School Principal (4-3-20; revised 8-1-20) Page 2 of 5 Approved on 4/20/2020 CEO Agenda • Supervises all programs within the building, such as, but not limited to, positive behavioral intervention program, response to intervention, home instruction resources and programming, graduation ceremony and related activities, etc.
  • Models and fosters a collaborative and supportive culture of staff communicating with and assisting each other to improve instruction, learning, student achievement, and creating a positive work environment • Regularly reviews staff and student attendance, addresses any issues, and consistently strives to increase overall attendance; creates a welcome and supportive environment for substitute staff • Provides leadership, direction, and oversight in the successful development, delivery, and coordination of the building’s curriculum and instruction, targeting college, career-readiness, and effective student performance against district, state, and national benchmarks for performance • Supports the CEO/Superintendent in overall administrative efforts, interprets and communicates ideas and decisions to staff members, parents, and community members, and provides information on strategic initiatives • Contributes and supports the activities of building leaders as they develop strategic programs for student transitions between middle and high school • Maintains communication with other departments and the community, working cooperatively to resolve problems and exchange information and ensuring the respectful behavior of staff members toward students, parents, and members of the community • Works in coordination with the Director of Student Services to ensure student IEP’s and other student services are provided in the least restrictive educational environment and within all legal parameters and timelines • Participates in parent conferences and student planning meetings as needed or required • Manages the development and execution of a master schedule which insures instruction of rigorous courses, appropriate staffing, and student services, as well as, other student activities • Participates in interactions with other principals/administrators across grade levels to ensure vertical alignment of curriculum and to optimize student learning and performance, as well as, building and district effectiveness • Oversees the development of student testing programs, test results analysis, and leadership for instructional modifications and interventions that enhance student learning and improve test performance • Meets with district administrators and others to discuss curricular alignment, assists in the interpretation and analysis of student and program data, and the resulting changes in instructional practices needed • Oversees the development, implementation, and evaluation of job-embedded staff professional development directly linked to the district and school’s continuous improvement initiatives • Provides resources to support staff to think systematically about the change process in response to the needs of the school, and guides staff in the implementation of research-based instructional practices • Participates with other district administrators in long-range strategic academic planning and decision-making, analyzing trends in data to create projections needed for decision-making • Oversees compliance with regulatory requirements, Board policy, and district standards, initiating corrective action as necessary • Serves as a chair, co-chair, or valued member of various administrative teams/committees that create and execute the district’s vision, mission, and strategic plan Job Description – Lorain High School Principal (4-3-20; revised 8-1-20) Page 3 of 5 Approved on 4/20/2020 CEO Agenda • Utilizes technology and other resources, as appropriate, to maximize communication with staff, parents, students, and community members regarding student learning and performance • Maintains communication with parents, other departments, and external parties in the community, working cooperatively to resolve problems and exchange information, and ensures the respectful behavior of staff members toward students, parents, and members of the community • Maintains current knowledge of best practices, trends, and new developments in educational programs in student testing, assessment, research, and evaluation, making recommendations for changes to methods and processes as necessary • Oversees the planning, development, and implementation of the school’s budget, regularly seeking innovative ways to reduce overall spending • In coordination with the Operations Department, ensures that facilities are operated effectively and efficiently, in compliance with all applicable health and safety standards • Provides for, and ensures security and accounting of, adequate inventories of school resources and property • Identification of problems (or potential problems) and development and implementation of viable solutions in a tactful, courteous, and respectful manner • Oversees all student activities within the building, which may require working beyond the normal school day (including evenings and possible weekends) • Performs all other tasks assigned by CEO/Superintendent, including tasks/duties that are not directly related to the principal’s central purpose II. Non-Essential Duties:
  • Physical and/or environmental requirements include, but are not limited to:

o Ability to frequently sit/stand and occasionally climb, kneel, stoop, bend over, crouch, and lift (approximately 20 lbs.) o Ability to see, corrected or uncorrected, and adjust vision for close-vision work o Ability to speak and be understood o Ability to hear accurately, corrected or uncorrected o Potential exposure to human blood, bodily fluids, tissue, or other potentially infectious materials o Potential exposure to disgruntled students and/or adults III. OSHA Responsibilities:

  • Knows and uses safe work procedures
  • Recognizes job hazards and takes proper precautions to assure personal as well as fellow employee and public safety • Informs supervisor immediately of hazards, unsafe equipment and acts, and recommends solutions to correct deficiencies • Actively participates in safety programs and training • Immediately reports accidents, injuries, and near misses to supervisor • Reports to work in a condition to be able to work safely • Follows and participates in school district’s Safety Plan • Attends all scheduled training sessions Job Description – Lorain High School Principal (4-3-20; revised 8-1-20) Page 4 of 5 Approved on 4/20/2020 CEO Agenda • Monitors and enforces compliance with school district safety rules, policies, regulations, and procedures • Provides leadership to stimulate and maintain a positive safety environment


Experience Required:

Candidate Minimum Requirements:

  • Possess a currently valid 5-year professional license/certificate issued by the Ohio Department of Education

(ODE) for Principal, grades 7-12

  • Possess a Master’s degree (as required by ODE to obtain a principal license) • Possess a currently valid Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) and Ohio Principal Evaluation System

(OPES) credentialed evaluator certificate to conduct certificated staff evaluations, renewing and updating as needed.

  • Seven (7) or more years of related teaching and/or administrative experience, including supervisory responsibilities and experience commensurate with the essential duties of the position


Candidate Required Skills:

  • Excellent leadership, supervisory, organizational, and multi-tasking skills to successfully perform all duties and responsibilities of the position • Comprehensive knowledge of district policies, accreditation, and regulatory standards related to assigned functions, including strong knowledge of applicable State and Federal laws, with the ability to effectively communicate this information to staff • Administrative experience working with the Ohio Principal Evaluation System (OPES) and the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) • A self-starter with an established track record of successful leadership with the ability to coordinate/supervise multiple staff groups, work with community members and organizations, and promote a positive work and learning environment for staff and students • Strong written and verbal communication and listening skills, essential to effectively relate to, and productively work with, all levels of district staff, students, parents, and the community • Ability to serve as a valued member of building-level and district-level teams • Proven ability to identify multiple problems (or potential problems) and develop/implement viable solutions in a tactful, courteous, and respectful manner • Demonstrated computer/technical skills required to effectively create, maintain, and/or verify accurate departmental records, documents, and reports • Demonstrated sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socio-economic, cultural, ethnic, and disability backgrounds of an urban school district


Wage or Salary: Salary:   per the LAA Salary Grid for High School Principal Approximate Work Hours or Days: Contract Days:   233 work days per contract year


How to Apply:

How to Apply:

To be considered for this position, qualified, interested candidates should visit the job posting/applications page on the Lorain City Schools’ website at and follow the prompts to complete and submit the online application, along with a resume, reference letters, transcripts, license/certificate, etc.


Posting End Date: 2022-07-29


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