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School Administration Consultant – Ohio Department of Education

Job Opening Information:
School District / Company:
Ohio Department of Education
Address: 25 S Front St
City: Columbus
Zip Code: 43215

Position Title: School Administration Consultant
Number of Openings: 1
Position Type: Full Time
Start Date: 2021-02-15


Vision:  In Ohio, each child is challenged to discover and learn, prepared to pursue a fulfilling post-high school path and empowered to become a resilient, lifelong learner who contributes to society.

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The Ohio Department of Education’s Office of Financial Analysis and Oversight is seeking one (1) full-time candidate or two (2) part-time candidates to fill an available School Administration “Fiscal” Consultant position in Northeast Ohio.

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Strong analytical, organizational and project management skills, along with fiscal management experience in a local education agency and a desire to use those skills in service of local education entities make you a great candidate for the position of school administration consultant in the Office of Financial Analysis and Oversight. Consultants provide customer support and technical assistance to school districts across Ohio, particularly those district’s experiencing fiscal distress. By facilitating the restoration of fiscal solvency and sound fiscal practices, the office provides critical support in times of need to enable districts to pursue successful implementation of Ohio’s strategic plan for education, Each Child, Our Future.

The position offers a flexible schedule and is home-based, with routine travel throughout Ohio. The selected applicant must have his or her own transportation and a valid driver’s license.


Major Responsibilities & Duties:

Provide consultation and technical assistance to school districts experiencing fiscal distress to help district administrators restore fiscal solvency and sound fiscal practices without the need to place a district into fiscal oversight:

  • Provides consultation and technical assistance regarding general financial management of local educational entities’ operations;
  • Reviews, analyzes and provides technical assistance for annual spending plans and district five-year forecasts;
  • Works directly with local education entities to establish fiscal integrity and transparency within the district budget process;
  • Assists treasurers and superintendents with budget projections, establishing budget priorities and developing tools to monitor actual expenditures to ensure they are within budget.


Administers state fiscal oversight programs (caution, watch and emergency) and develops and implements policies, procedures and/or guidelines for or on behalf of the Department:

  • Reviews changing state laws, fiscal programs and financial data;
  • Interprets laws and regulations, consults with the Department’s legal counsel for advice and disseminates information to promote compliance;
  • Develops, implements and redesigns financial analyses, written plan templates, financial recovery plan templates, presentations and/or other guidance materials;
  • Recommends districts for fiscal oversight designation and release;
  • Monitors compliance with state laws and regulations regarding fiscal oversight, financial recovery plans, fiscal solvency and financial integrity;
  • Facilitates development of school district-specific written plans and financial recovery plans;
  • Critically examines and/or edits documents for compliance, accuracy, quality and clarity; and
  • Evaluates and approves/disapproves school district written plans and financial recovery plans.


Provides technical assistance to internal and external customers:

  • Provides information and presentations regarding budget practices, fiscal solvency, fiscal integrity and fiscal oversight programs;
  • Provides consultation services to school administrators, boards of education and community members;
  • Schedules technical assistance meetings, site visits, teleconferences and on-site technical program reviews;
  • Interprets program and/or content standards;
  • Reviews programmatic data, conducts fact finding and writes reports as necessary;
  • Plans, develops and delivers school finance program training for local entities.


Serves as chairperson or secretary/monitor to assigned Financial Planning and Supervision Commissions on behalf of the superintendent of public instruction (pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 3316.05).

  • Prepares materials for Financial Planning and Supervision Commissions:

O             Reviews State Board of Education actions and develops commission agendas;

O             Recommends approval/disapproval of State Board actions, proposed expenditures and budget revisions;

O             Prepares commission meeting minutes and maintains official commission records.

  • Responds to public information and record requests;
  • Interprets laws and regulations, consults with the commission’s legal counsel, the Attorney General, for advice and disseminates information to promote compliance;
  • Provides facilitative leadership to “fiscal emergency” commission members; and
  • Participates with Auditor of State, Office of Budget and Management, local commission members, school district representatives, and the Ohio Department of Education in evaluation, modification and supervision of district management of fiscal practices and budget operations as necessary to restore fiscal solvency and financial integrity.


Experience Required:

Minimum Qualifications:

  • School Treasurer license or the ability to obtain or renew a School Treasurer license within an agreed upon timeframe; and 5 years of experience in a school district treasurer’s office;
  • Or Superintendent License or the ability to obtain or renew a Superintendent License within an agreed upon timeframe; and 1 year of experience as a school superintendent with 5 years of experience in a school district treasurer’s office;
  • And proficient, high-level user of Microsoft Office, including Excel, Word and SharePoint, and Adobe Acrobat;
  • And ability to quickly become proficient with new software applications;
  • And proficient user of technology (laptops, iPads, cell phones) in a large organizational setting.


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Development/monitoring of long-term projects and contracts;
  • Responsibility for budgeting large-scale programs, projects, contracts and/or grants;
  • Scheduling, supervision and management of personnel;
  • Experience managing resources to ensure statutory compliance and achieve program outcomes;
  • Development of tools and technical assistance related to fiscal procedures and requirements;
  • Experience and expertise in managing multiple projects and obtaining deadlines;
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and team-building skills;
  • Systems thinker with creativity and strong problem-solving skills.


Wage or Salary: $38.14 hourly/$79,331.20 annually Approximate Work Hours or Days: 8 hours per day


How to Apply:
All qualified candidates should apply at no later than January 3, 2021.


Posting End Date: 2021-01-03

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