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Special Education Coordinator – Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities

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Schedules IEP & Transition meetings: works with FCBDD secretarial team to ensure that all IEP & Transition meetings are scheduled with FCBDD staff, parents, District of Residence, and other relevant staff according to established guidelines; sends out virtual links for meetings; adheres to IEP timelines for meeting scheduling. Works with FCBDD secretarial team to ensure that each FCBDD staff working with a child are provided all relevant IEP documentation; ensures that the District of Residence has all relevant, requested, and required documents.

Provides regular written and verbal feedback to staff regarding all written IEP documents (e.g., IEPs, Progress Notes, Transition documents, Behavior Plans, Functional Behavior Assessments) to ensure that all necessary IEP documentation is completed by FCBDD according to state and federal guidelines; ensure that all paperwork is submitted appropriately.

Attend all IEP related meetings (e.g., Annual IEP reviews,  Transition meetings) as the IEP District of Service administrator, answering questions and allocating resources appropriately. Work with local school districts regarding IEP implementation, IEP concerns/questions, and placements according to FAPE and LRE. Support FCBDD staff with the ability to successfully implement IEP plans and other IEP documents.

Work with FCBDD, parents, and District of Resident professionals to write FBAs & BIPs according to state and federal guidelines; conduct FBA & BIP meetings.

Manage referrals for ESY and other special education supports.

Conduct Professional Development with staff regarding IEP writing and implementation; lead group trainings; actively coach staff who require individualized support; regularly answer questions from staff regarding IEP writing.

Serves on select school-based committees and contributes appropriately to these meetings.

Performs other duties as assigned.


Experience Required
Bachelor’s Degree required

Three years of successful teaching experience in special education preferred

Proficient computer skills; able to pick up on how to use new programs and technology, as well as familiar with current programs (Teams; Microsoft Office; Excel; Word; PowerPoint)

Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills

Holds an Ohio special education teacher’s license

Holds a valid Ohio administrative or supervisory certificate or license (alternative license permitted)


Wage or Salary
Commensurate with experience.


Approximate Work Hours or Days
12-month position.


How to Apply
Please visit our website to apply:


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