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Special Programs Director – Lakewood Local School District, Hebron, OH

Start Date



1. Comply with Board of Education policy, supervisory/administrative directives, and terms of the Master Agreement.
2. Engage in an ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of the instructional program for all special needs students and monitor the implementation of the state content standards in cooperation with building principals.
3. Provide leadership in the development of a correlated and integrated program of instruction for special education Pre-K through grade twelve. Develop and implement a program of professional development for staff related to special needs of students.
4. Oversee the district’s preschool program and compliance issues surrounding the Step Up to Quality endorsements, as well as other governmental agencies’ requirements.
5. Evaluate preschool staff.
6. Coordinate the development, implementation, and evaluation of all in-service training programs for all personnel identified with special education services.
7. Serve as district liaison for all IEP meetings involving students of the Lakewood Local School District and maintain a working relationship with the educational services center (ESC), Eagle Wings Academy, Phoenix and other contracting agencies on the district’s best interest.
8. Supervise the selection, requisitioning and distribution of materials needed to educate students with special needs and maintain effective budgeting of those resources.
9. Initiate and maintain effective liaison and participation with educational leaders in curriculum and instruction; meet regularly with building principals individually or collectively to discuss special education concerns.
10. Be responsible for writing, implementing and the evaluation of federal and state funded programs.
11. Serve as the district’s Compliance Officer for special education students (manifestation determination meetings, emergency removal, proper dismissal/adding of related service and/or termination of all services).
12. Complete forms from the Ohio Department of Education, and all other reports referred by the Superintendent.
13. Assist all special education personnel with Ohio Department of Education licensure requirements for their assigned positions.
14. Work with the Treasurer and Superintendent in carrying out state reporting requirements for all special education areas.
15. Serve as a member of the district’s representative to the county special education coordinator’s meeting as well as any other representative as assigned by the Superintendent.
16. Assist building principals and other administrators in developing and executing procedures relative to student classification, marking, reporting, and promoting, as well as communication related to activities and needs related to busing, related services, incarcerations and needs for home instruction for those on IEP’s.
17. Oversee the testing program for special education.
18. Facilitate the district data analysis programs regarding special education.
19. Assist in developing policy recommendations which address specific area needs and recommend to the Superintendent for subsequent Board approval.
20. Assist in the teacher evaluation process as outlined in the master agreement for assigned special education employees.
21. Work in consultation with the Superintendent and building principals in determining staff needs, assignments, and transfers to all buildings.
22. Oversee and implement engagement activities targeted to specific initiatives (ie, summer programs, parent outreach programs).
23. Provide communication to parent groups and community members regarding special services/programs for district students.
24. Assume other responsibilities as assigned by the Superintendent.


Experience Required
1. Valid Ohio Supervisory/Administrative License.
2. Master’s Degree
3. Valid Ohio Special Education License preferred
4. A minimum of 5 years experience in a special education classroom/supervisory experience
5. Knowledge of curriculum, data analysis, students with disabilities and gifted laws and
6. Successfully complete and pass a BCII and FBI check.


Wage or Salary
As per Administrative Salary Schedule


Approximate Work Hours or Days
223 Contract Days


How to Apply
Interested parties should apply to Dr. Mark Gleichauf by emailing a resume to or mail to the office at 525 E. Main Street, PO Box 70, Hebron, OH 43025, no later than 3:00 pm on June 21, 2024.


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