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Superintendent – Loveland City Schools

The Loveland City Schools (Southwest Ohio) is seeking a highly qualified Superintendent to lead its school district into the future.  The successful candidate will be a problem-solver, a highly effective communicator, a visionary, and a student focused professional who can engage community and school district stakeholders.

Loveland City Schools are near the top 10% in academic achievement in Ohio (89th percentile).  They have stable enrollment. At about 4,500 students, they are an excellent size for the right leader to bring about further improvements in performance.

Fiscally, the district is in the top 20% in cost effectiveness.  Their budget is predominantly driven by local income (60%) and state funding (43%).  Only a small portion of the budget is driven by federal sources.  Spending per pupil is right at $10,500.

Surveys show district employees are highly committed to the district’s success. The district has engaged in several innovations including a Portrait of a Graduate initiative focused on broadening the curricular scope beyond basic academics. This work is supported by a tremendously professional community-oriented planning group who works to assure the district can be successful.

The district provides opportunities for the right candidate to identify, confront, and resolve opportunities for improvement.  Community engagement, fiscal stability, advancing current initiatives, and achieving the board’s aspirations are all opportunities for a visionary, student-focused leader to make a difference.

The district is in the Cincinnati area.  High quality, affordable housing and strong upwardly moving economic conditions put the region in several “top places to live and work” lists in the United States and worldwide.  An active arts and entertainment scene coupled with strong sports and a plethora of world class educational institutions makes this a very desirable place to live and raise a family.  Sunshine and outdoor activities (think lots of rivers and lakes) is a bonus!

Those interested in more information can contact Bob Farrell at or 513-200-8572  Not sure this is the right job, but want to be in the CF Educational Solutions talent pool, give Bob Sommers a call at 513-673-2733 or write to  Deadline for submitting your resume for consideration is April 16, 2021.

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