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Superintendent – Orrville City Schools

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The successful candidate will be a strong educational leader who demonstrates collegiality, integrity and a devotion to students through leadership, action and programmatic initiative.


Experience Required
• Positive track record for innovation and improvement of Pre-K-12 academic offerings, and for the ability to lead and mentor staff, teachers and other administrators as they work to increase student achievement.
• Passion and enjoyment for students, exemplified in ongoing communication with parents and teachers, visibility across the campus and community, and a positive relationship with all board members and other district administrators.
• Ability and enthusiasm to establish and maintain meaningful relationships and engagement with a broad array of district and external groups, including administrators, staff members, parents, business owners and community members.
• Trustworthiness at the highest level and integrity in decision-making, partnered with the ability to collaborate with board members, administrators and others whose shared priority is the district’s best interests.
• Belief in the importance of a positive culture across the school campus, and the willingness to be a visible and hands-on leader.
• Highly developed communication skills, led by the ability to listen and relate to a wide variety of school and community audiences.


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