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Anticipated Opening for 2021-2022 School Year




Teaching and Learning Supervisor





Responsible To:

Director of Teaching and Learning



260 days



Commensurate with Experience


Job Description:


Provide direction and assistance in administration and implementing educational programs  including state and federal.  Provide oversight for testing to evaluate and revise its methods and procedures for testing so that a consistently high standard of teaching excellence and learning facility may be achieved and maintained.


Essential Functions:


  1. Provide support for the administration of district programs, grants, and state initiatives.
  2. Provide leadership in the planning, development and implementation of educational support programs designed to supplement and complement the instructional program to meet the needs of students throughout the district.
  3. Provide direction and oversight of the evaluation of instructional support programs.
  4. Provide technical assistance as schools develop and implement the Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan through the plan’s duration. This may include: assistance in analyzing data to identify and address areas of weakness in instruction, parent involvement and professional development; assistance in identifying and implementing professional development, instructional strategies and methods of instruction that address the specific areas of the school improvement plans; and assistance in analyzing and revising to school’s budget so that resources are more effectively allocated to the activities most likely to increase student achievement.
  5. Develop and administer a systematic procedure for the selection and attainment of federal, state and local grants and create accompanying training materials.
  6. Monitor compliance of all grants administered by district; provide leadership and assist with changes to fiscal and program components to bring the district into compliance with laws and regulations as they relate to federal, state and local grants.
  7. Maintain a working knowledge of grant regulations, changes or relevant information including funding allocations, processes, laws and new rules and regulations by reading publications and federal/state guidelines.
  8. Maintain lines of communication and provide grant-related consultative services to building and administrative staff.
  9. Serve on appropriate committees and recommend grant personnel for service on other grant-related committees.
  10. In consultation with the treasurer’s office and directors, develop the annual budget for grants.
  11. Work with individual teachers, committee, and building administrators to promote state and federal programs.
  12. Manage existing grants by: tracking grants; developing internal reporting systems; writing reports; maintaining excellent historical records; working with staff to ensure each project or program is meeting proposal conditions and expectations.
  13. Facilitate district wide initiatives.
  14. Keeps continually informed regarding research in psychological and educational testing and the development of useful information and improved tests for use in educational and counseling programs.
  15. Develops system wide programs and schedules for annual group testing.
  16. Administers or supervises the administration of group test.
  17. Evaluates on an ongoing basis the system’s testing programs.
  18. Supervises the scoring of tests and conducts statistical analyses of test results for all schools and areas of group testing conducted.
  19. Prepares informative reports and instructional materials for school counselors, teachers, and other professional who use group test results in performing their own duties.
  20. Provides leadership in the development of improved instruments and procedures for evaluating the performance of the professional staff.
  21. Designs and administers studies to identify community, fiscal, staff, and other factors that can account for variations in quality within school system, and suggest ways that these may be manipulated to improve levels of student achievement.
  22. Stays current of release dates of testing results and provides timely and comprehensive overview to directors.
  23. Remains constant with network of support outside the district.
  24. Collaborates and supports other curricular initiatives when available.
  25. Prepare all relevant materials necessary for students to be registered for the state and local tests.
  26. Provide oversight or administration of state and local testing.
  27. Train test administrators in proper testing protocols as required by state and local guidelines.
  28. Serve as a resource person in planning and conducting in service activities for improvement of teacher practices in the areas of test construction, test administration, and test results evaluation.
  29. Working with the EMIS Coordinator to ensure accurate tracking and reporting of student test data.
  30. Other duties as assigned.


Experience Required:

Education and Training:


Degree in Leadership plus additional coursework required for certification or license

  • Administrative license and the ability to be credentialed in OTES and OPES, or relevant work experience
  • Over 5 and up to 7 years of experienced in educational programming, preferred
  • Successful Experiences with grant writing including programming and compliance, preferred


Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:


  • Hold teacher certification
  • Have a record of successful teaching experience
  • Demonstrate evidence of adaptability and problem solving
  • Demonstrate willingness to learn, acquire, and apply new skills and knowledge
  • Maintains regular attendance
  • Experience with Microsoft Suite including: Excel, File-sharing & Google Docs


Other Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Exhibit professional behavior, emotional stability and sound judgement.
  • Maintain confidentiality and respect for confidential information at all times.
  • Establish and maintain cooperative relationships.
  • Attends meetings, professional development and serves on staff committees as required.
  • Interacts in a positive manner with staff, students and parents.
  • Refer suspected cases of child abuse immediately to the appropriate child protective services/law enforcement agency as mandated by state law and Board of Education policy.
  • Promote good public relations by personal appearance, attitude and conversation.
  • Takes all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect district equipment, materials and facilities.


Wage or Salary: Commensurate with experience Approximate Work Hours or Days: 260 Days


How to Apply:

How to Apply: External

If you are interested in being considered for this position you must apply online at prior to 4:00 p.m. on Friday, July 9, 2021. Follow links: District/Work at Marion City/Apply at Marion City Schools/View all open positions in consortium districts/Sorted by district/Marion City Schools/Administration/Job #15067/Apply. If you have any questions please contact Ben Porter, Director of Teaching and Learning, via email.


Posting End Date: 2021-07-09

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