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Treasurer – Jonathan Alder Local Schools



1.01        Represents the district at meetings that are required or otherwise appropriate

1.02        Delegates responsibility effectively

1.03        Improves areas targeted by the board of Education on his/her previous year evaluation

1.04        Interprets and executes the intent of Board policies

1.05        Effectively evaluates and supervises all employees assigned to him/her each year

1.06        Is an effective communicator both as a public speaker and in writing

1.07     Keeps the staff informed of changes in payroll, taxes, insurance, withholding, or other areas

associated with the treasurer’s office

1.08        Works the assigned number of days specified in contract

1.09        Supports the actions of the Board to staff, students, and the public

1.10     Assists in the establishment of district goals and sees that goals associated with his/her job are

carried out

1.11        Is punctual in arriving at Board meetings and other appointments

1.12        Meets scheduled deadlines at both the local and state levels

1.13        Maintains a professional appearance



2.01        Promotes and encourages cooperation and friendliness in the Treasurer’s office

2.02     Accepts the dignity and worth of individuals without regard to appearance, race, creed, sex, or

social status

2.03        Demonstrates emotional stability

2.04        Displays a positive and enthusiastic demeanor

2.05        Displays a professional demeanor with others and in the way situations are handled

2.06        Manages conflict effectively without unduly alienating others

2.07        Listens to/considers the views of others

2.08        Is honest and helpful in his/her dealings with others

2.09        Strives to develop and maintain a good working relationship with others



3.01        Serves as an effective liaison between the school system and the community when financial questions arise

3.02        Demonstrates a sense of loyalty to the school district and is proud of district accomplishments

3.03        Assists in the preparation of the Annual Report

3.04        Works with local newspapers when necessary to maximize coverage about district



4.01        Stays current with school law and state-mandated accounting procedures

4.02        Works with the auditor to assure district compliance with state law

4.03        Maintains records required by state and local policy

4.04        Coordinates the data processing services with the A-site of the district

4.05        Serves as EMIS Co-Coordinator and sees that required data entry, reports and information are completed in a timely fashion

4.06        Provides complete monthly financial reports to the superintendent and School Board

4.07        Insures the expenditure of funds are spent from the proper account

4.08        Serves as secretary to the Board of Education and records official proceeding of all Board meetings in the minute book

4.09        Advises the Board and superintendent on matters of election timelines, expenses, and bond referendums

4.10        Maintains an effective equipment inventory system

4.11        Prepares financial information for and participates in negotiations

4.12        Directs and supervises accounting practices at all levels (ex. Payroll, athletic department, activity accounts, cafeterias, etc.)

4.13        Accurately projects revenue for the school district

4.14        Coordinates district finances with county auditor and county treasurer



5.01        Attends meetings or events as directed by the Board

5.02        Uses sound judgment in making decisions in matters not covered by Board policy

5.03        Maintains necessary personnel records

5.04        Assists in the development of the annual budget

5.05        Maintains an effective working relationship with people from outside the district



6.01        Maintains a good working relationship with all Board members

6.02        Communicates problems to the Board in a timely manner

6.03        Carries out Board policies and directives

6.04        Communicates any honest, objective difference of opinion on matters relevant to the operation of

the schools

6.05        Assists in the development and revision of district policy

6.06        Accepts constructive criticism from the Board and attempts to change


Experience Required:

  1. Must hold or qualify for Ohio Treasurer’s License
  2. At least three (3) years accounting experience
  3. Has a working knowledge of Ohio school finance, school laws and regulations
  4. Knowledge of electronic data processing, inventory control, asset management and budgeting
  5. Ability to supervise and evaluate staff, and delegate responsibility as necessary 6. Ability to implement internal accounting controls and auditing procedures 7.  A proven track record in cash management and responsible investing 8.  Knowledge of governmental reporting on the modified accrual basis 9.  Residence in the community is preferred


Wage or Salary: NEGOTIABLE

Approximate Work Hours or Days: 260


How to Apply:


Posting End Date: 2023-03-31

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