Membership Levels

Active Membership

Dues: .008 of annual salary
Eligibility: Open to all superintendents, assistant superintendents and heads of administrative divisions in the central office.

Services Included:

  1. Vote on all issues placed before membership
  2. Hold office
  3. Serve on committees
  4. Legal Assistance
    1. Legal advice
    2. Financial support
    3. Direct counsel representation
  5. Personal Assistance
    1. Contract assistance
    2. Conflict intervention
    3. Other
  6. Return of dues program
  7. Awards
  8. Lobbying on membership’s behalf
    1. Legislative – federal and state
    2. ODE
    3. Other
  9. All other services available through BASA for members

Retired Membership

Dues: $50.00 per year
Eligibility: Former active members no longer working in an educational setting

Services Included:

  1. BASA mailings
  2. Return of dues program
  3. Workshop attendance – registration fee waived, only charged for meals and other actual costs to BASA
  4. Other selected special offerings for retired members


Dues: $150.00 per year
Eligibility: Open to all former active members now employed at a university or in a business working with educators.

Services Included:

  1. Enrollees will receive BASA regular mailings (monthly) , the Adminiscope and maintain continued status in the Return of Dues Program.

Associate Membership

Dues: $450.00
Eligibility: Open to all educators and those working in related settings. Superintendents are not eligible for Associate Membership.

Services Included:

  1. BASA Mailings
  2. The right to serve on selected BASA committees
  3. Legal Assistance – attorney advice only
  4. Registration fees for workshops & conferences at the Active Membership rate
  5. Lobbying on membership’s behalf: Legislative – federal & state; ODE; Other
  6. Selected special functions specifically designed for Associate Members

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